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A coup for Louisiana

17th February 2014   ·   0 Comments

Last week, Mary Landrieu ascended to the Chairmanship of the US Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee, returning Louisiana to it’s first position of real Congressional power since Bob Livingston rebuilt the Canal Street streetcar by the stroke of his pen as House Appropriations chairman.

No oil and gas initiative will pass without Landrieu’s approval, nor will any of the much vaulted energy efficiency demands of the Democratic left. Voting with the Republicans on petrochemical issues, like the Keystone Pipeline, and Democrats on most everything else, puts Landrieu in a particular position of power in this Chairmanship, even over and above the normally commanding influence of her committee.

Louisiana has arrived, once more.

Want to finally get the state’s fair share of royalties from offshore oil drilling in the Western Gulf of Mexico? Crave the resources to reconstruct our wetland defenses and still have a bit left over to cut income taxes? It is now possible.

Louisiana, who ranks at the bottom of just about every list imaginable, with the appointment of Landrieu to this most powerful committee, has jettisoned its status. The senior Senate of Louisiana has done this!

Keystone pipeline, approval of new oil refineries, construction of strategic energy infrastructure, all fall under Landrieu’s oversight. It’s a power she will use to the benefit of Louisiana jobs.

If we are smart, if we care about our state, if we care about jobs in our state and a brighter economic future in our state, we should thank our lucky stars that we have a Louisianian in this powerful position and make sure that she stays there!

This article originally published in the February 17, 2014 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper.

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