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April 5th’s election recommendations

31st March 2014   ·   0 Comments

For Kenner and Harahan Voters, April 5 is an important election day. In Kenner, in particular, African-Americans constitute a rising minority in a city that is undergoing vast demographic changes. For Harahan, the election will decide the future of public safety in a city experiencing crime, often for the first time.

April is never an easy time to go to the polls, but we ask our readers in Kenner and Harahan, please go vote this Saturday.

Kenner Mayor: “Mike” Yenni

The first-term mayor and former CAO of Kenner could have chosen to sulk when voters rejected his property tax increases. Instead, Mike Yenni got to work, providing one of the best examples of fiscally prudent management in local government in the state.

Yenni’s Administration has proven innovative, seeking to draw back young residents with his plans to build “Laketown” and put new life into the “Mainstreet” of Rivertown. And, his valiant efforts have often been the difference between the survival of the Esplanade Mall and the shopping center going the way of so many others across America.

The incumbent Mayor deserves another term to see his Kenner 2030 plan to fruition.

Councilman at Large Division B, City of Kenner: No Recommendation

Do to scheduling conflicts, the candidates were unable to meet with our editors prior to the election. We will endorse a candidate in the runoff.

Councilman District 1, City of Kenner: Gregory Carroll

While we praise Mike Yenni, we praise Greg Carroll for not always standing in lock step with the Mayor. The South Kenner African-American Councilman is both independent, and a tireless worker for his constituents. He deserves another term.

Councilman District 2, City of Kenner: No Recommendation

Like the At-Large Race, we opt to wait for the runoff to make an endorsement.

Councilman District 5, City of Kenner:No Recommendation

Neither Mr. Capitano nor Mr. Impastato sought our endorsement.

Chief of Police City of Harahan: Peter Dale

The former Chief of Harahan kept the crime rate down by getting his police officers out of their cars and walking the neighborhoods. Called by his troops “the Dale Cross,” the four-block revolutions provided an environmental sense of security that scared away potential criminals. When Peter Dale was term limited, the current chief decided to do away with the practice, and many Harahan residents have felt less safe. That is reason enough to support Dale’s return to the Police Chief’s post.

City of Harahan Proposition: Vote Yes

This special tax of six (6) mills on all the property subject to taxation in the City for a period of ten years, would give the underfinanced Police Department an estimated $473,100 for salaries, maintenance expenses and equipment. Con­sidering that Harahan’s tax rate is lower than the regional average, it’s a small price to pay for security in one’s neighborhood.

This article originally published in the March 31, 2014 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper.

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