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Carol’s Daughter raises money during Essence to help women of New Orleans

9th July 2012   ·   0 Comments

By Kelly Parker
Contributing Writer

Though shopping was the name of the game, transition was the theme of this year’s Carol’s Daughter shopping fundraiser: 4U, Bayou, celebrating the Leading Ladies of Louisiana Community and Culture.

The event, which took place July 5 (co-sponsored by The Diva Lounge) was held at the Carol’s Daughter Luxury Suite—214 Decatur St.) gave select guests a sneak peak of some of the summer’s hottest products from Lisa Price. The night’s honorees were four of the Crescent City’s prominent champions of the community: Author/Tulane University Profes­sor and MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry; Kim Bondy, president of The Bondy Group and executive producer of the TV One Network Election Coverage; Site Director of New Orleans Works, NOW at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, Carla Major; and Eliza Eugene, of Eliza Eugene Enterprises. All proceeds from the event will benefit Dress for Success New Orleans.

Those in attendance checked out the new Transitioning 1 2 3 Relaxed to Natural hair solution, the popular hair milk products, along with the Ocean bath & body collection; which was discontinued, but brought back by popular demand. Fans of Carol’s Daughter shopped, networked and enjoyed the perfect mix of old school hip hop from DJ Amanda Seales (formerly Amanda diva).

“As always, it’s wonderful to be back here in New Orleans during July 4th weekend-even though it’s so hot, it feels so good to be here.” Price told those in attendance.

“It’s great to work with Dress For Success and honor the women we’re honoring,” she added. “Dress For Success is an amazing organization that helps women to transition from welfare to work. Transitioning is something that a lot us have gone through in different ways—very literally with hair; from one size to another size, from jobs, from single to being married. We all go through different transitioning moments-and a lot of times we need people to help us with that, and Dress For Success is one of those organizations that’s there to help women learn and grow and believe in themselves. Sometimes we just need someone to tell us that we ‘can do it.’ It’s wonderful to be here to celebrate them, and to celebrate women.”

Shayna D, founder of The Diva Lounge, agreed.

“This is what the Diva Lounge is all about: Providing an opportunity to bring women together in an environment to foster new business relationships—not necessarily just to go out and drink and be cute, but to come together and connect women from different circles and industries to network and support each other.” she said.

Dress for Success promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in both work and in life.

“I can’t tell you how appreciative we are to Lisa and Carol’s Daughter for making us a part of this event,” LaToria Willis, Dress For Success Executive Director, said. “I am happily surprised by this great turnout. And being a part of this event will certainly help get the word out; there are people who don’t know much about us.”

Wills stated the goal of local organization is to suit 900 women this year. Dress For Success New Orleans recently relocated from the CBD to 4304 Magazine Street.

“I moved back home from New York at the end of 2006, when New Orleans was in pretty bad shape-and I wasn’t quite sure why I was moving back home, but I was compelled to do so,” Kim Bondy said. “Every day, I’m reminded of why I’m here- there are days when I have questions about (how are we all doing this) but then I look around the room and I meet people who really believe in New Orleans. Thank you all—and spend a lot of money; it’s going to a great cause!”

Melissa Harris Perry spoke of her appreciation of Essence’s loyalty to what has become her adopted home.

‘It’s always a pleasure to have folks here in New Orleans; and such a pleasure that Essence continues its commitment to this city; in the years since the storm and despite economic challenges,” she said.

“We wanted to honor women who not only had a strong connection in the community, but women who are actually making changes in the community and on a grander scale—like Melissa and Kim,” Shayna D. of the Diva Lounge told The Louisiana Weekly. “And all four of these women have had their own personal and professional story of transition.”

“I really want to encourage everyone to purchase tonight,” Lisa Price added. “It’s not about selling Carol’s Daughter products—it would be greatly appreciated to know that you are helping other women transition their lives.”

For more on Dress For Success New Orleans, visit

This article originally published in the July 9, 2012 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper.

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