Linda Johnson Rice retakes control of Johnson Publishing Company

(Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from Target Market News) — Following a month of announcements on corporate restructurings, Linda Johnson Rice is back

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Life insurance is one of the keys to Black wealth, according to executive

By Stacy M. Brown Contributing Writer (NNPA Newswire) — If Black lives matter, then Black wealth should certainly matter, too. That’s the motto that Eugene

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Beware: That call from the IRS may not be a scam after all
By Anna Challet Contributing Writer (Special from New America Media) — For taxpayers worried about scams involving IRS imposters, the one reliable piece of advice to hold onto was the old consumer ...
African-American men should be very worried about self-driving vehicles
By Dr. Algernon Austin Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) — There is a great deal of excitement about self-driving or autonomous vehicles and how they will make travel safer and more ...
Black doctors earn less income than their white counterparts
By Stacy M. Brown Contributing Writer (NNPA Newswire) — African-American physicians earn 15 percent less than white physicians—an average of $262,000 compared to $303,000—according to Medscape’s 2017 Physicians Compensation Report.
National mortgage servicer sued for errors on 1.4 million mortgages
By Charlene Crowell Contributing Writer (NNPA) — Families who have assembled the necessary financial resources to apply, qualify, and then purchase a home, understandably value that key investment and its accompanying opportunity ...
Report highlights discrimination in housing practices
By Della Hasselle Contributing Writer When former North Shore resident Denise Thornton decided to look for a new place to live near New Orleans, she figured it wouldn’t be too hard. She ...
An under-reported crime — Battling fraudsters by reporting fraud
By Khalil Abdullah Contributing Writer (New America Media) — Rita Gerona-Adkins recalled precisely how she felt when she got that phone call from the IRS demanding immediate payment for taxes due. ...
Job prospects flat for Black workers in March
By Freddie Allen Contributing Writer (NNPA Newswire) — The employment prospects for African Americans showed little improvement in March, according to the Labor Department’s most recent jobs report.
SENIOR CLASS: Life experience enhances back to school
By Deborah Martinez Contributing Writer Second of two articles (Special from KSFR Public Radio/New America Media) — You’re never too old to learn, right?” asks Ronald Weese. Later this year ...

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