Wage War: Employers stealing millions from U.S. workers

By Kathy Mulady Special to New America Media from the Equal Voice Workers nationwide are losing millions of dollars each week to wage theft as

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Women are being left behind in the recovery

By Kat Aaron and Lynne Perri Contributing Writers (Special from New America Media) – A higher percentage of women are unemployed than men, according to

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NNPA-Nielsen release Black consumer report as new empowerment tool
By Hazel Trice Edney Contributing Writer ( — By the year 2015, African Americans will be spending $1.1 trillion a year on products and services.
Inside the shadow economy—A growing underworld bazaar
By Andrew Leonard Contributing Writer Editor’s Note: Inside the Shadow Economy is a collaboration between and New America Media. A day laborer waiting on a street corner for a morning’s worth ...
African Americans wield considerable consumer power
WASHINGTON, D.C. — African-Americans’ buying power is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2015. This growing economic potential presents an opportunity for Fortune 500 companies to examine and further understand ...
Working, but still poor
By Kat Aaron and Lynne Perri Contributing Writers (Special from New America Media) — From the president to Congress to nearly every neighborhood in America, the focus today is on job creation. ...
Report: Black males unable to hold on to middle class
WASHINGTON — According to a new report by Pew’s Economic Mobility Project, a middle-class upbringing does not guarantee the same status as an adult.
Despite bleak jobs market minorities still optimistic
FAYETTEVILLE, AR — Findings from the Blair-Rockefeller Poll challenge long-held assumptions about the impact of the economy on political attitudes and voting behaviors, according to a new report released by ...
Diminished Black middle class a sobering factor in assessing progress post-Katrina
By Ariella Cohen A tone of triumph and hope characterized a forum of academic, nonprofit and governmental leaders held Monday at the Univ­ersity of New Orleans to mark the sixth anniversary ...
Feds announce Minority Enterprise Conference this month
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Small Business Administration and the Minority Business Develop­ment Agency announced the opening of registration for the 2011 Minority Enterprise Develop­ment Week (MED Week) ...

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