Rehabilitation can work: Former inmate succeeding as hotel employee

By James Wright Contributing Writer ( — One of the best employees of a luxurious District hotel recently finished serving over two decades in federal

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September, Black jobless rate declines

(Special from NorthStar-News Today) – The nation’s nonfarm businesses added 142,000 jobs in September, but the Economic Policy Institute, a non-partisan think tank based in

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‘Elite’ colleges don’t equalize job market for Blacks
By Jared Wadley Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) – Attending a highly selective college may not level the playing field for African Americans when it comes to job offers after graduation.
Businesses add 200,000 jobs in September
(Special from NorthStarNews Today) – The nation’s non-farm businesses added 200,000 jobs in September, ADP National Employment Report announced on last week.
Narrowing the racial wealth gap by using an alternative scoring model
( — Wealth offers security and privilege that can last for generations. For minority households striving to achieve the American Dream, homeownership is often the surest path. Yet, in today’s ...
Nielsen report highlights growth and affluence of African-American households
(Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from Target Market News) – Nielsen released “Increasingly Affluent, Educated and Diverse: African-American Consumers—The Untold Story.” The report was released at a ...
Raising the minimum wage has a negligible effect on jobs
By William Spriggs Contributing Writer ( — As states, cities and municipalities across the country raise wages to improve the lives of working people, it is worth highlighting how such moves affect ...
Experts: Talk now about drastic changes, or deal with coastal crisis later
By Bob Marshall The Lens The mouth of the Mississippi River should be moved north to Port Sulphur or English Turn and communities south of those points eventually will have to ...
Governments cracking down on fraudulent mortgage practices
By George White Contributing Writer (Special from New America Media) – City, state and federal agencies have been stepping up efforts to stamp out fraudulent mortgage practices that target communities of color ...
Colleges flush with cash saddle poorest students with debt
By Annie Waldman and Sisi Wei ProPublica A ProPublica analysis of newly available federal data shows that some of the nation’s wealthiest colleges are leaving their poorest students with plenty of debt. New ...

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