Contractor accused in kickback deal is set to plead guilty

The Lens As expected, a one-time city contractor facing federal charges in a Nagin-era kickback scheme is cooperating with investigators and is set to plead

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Another post-Katrina police verdict

One cop guilty, one acquitted of lying about post-Katrina shooting A federal jury on this past Friday convicted one New Orleans police officer of lying

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Mother of Danziger victim still seeking justice
By Edmund W. Lewis The Louisiana Weekly Editor Sherell Johnson would like nothing more than to bury her murdered son, James Brissette Jr., and give him a final resting place. But for now ...
Verdicts released in Danziger Trial
A federal jury has reached a verdict in the trial of five police officers charged in the shooting deaths of civilians on the Danziger Bridge in New Orleans in the ...
Juror dismissed from Danziger trial
The Louisiana Weekly Staff Reports One of the jurors hearing the case against five current or former police officers charged in the deadly shootings on the Danziger Bridge after Hurricane Katrina ...
Danziger witnesses reveal horrors, turmoil
The second week of testimony in the Danziger Bridge trial offered more insight into what the families and friends of those who were shot or lost their lives during the ...
Casey Anthony is not O.J. in white female face
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson New America Media Columnist Casey Anthony is not O.J. Simpson in white female face. The only real reason that Anthony is even mentioned in the same breath as ...
Family questions guilty verdict, justice system
By Michael Radcliff The Louisiana Weekly Contributing Writer The 1st Victim On a warm, humid, spring afternoon two years ago, in the courtyard of the Iberville housing project, lay a young African- ...
First days of Danziger testimony shed light on nightmarish incident
The first four days of testimony in the Danziger Bridge shooting case gave jurors and the public a glimpse into the horrific incident that took place on the eastern New ...
Was police violence ignored by media after Katrina?
By Jordan Flaherty The Louisiana Weekly Contributing Writer Opening arguments and testimony began last week in what observers have called the most important trial New Orleans has seen in a generation. ...

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