Refusal to return charter schools to Orleans Parish School Board, a sign of distrust of locally elected boards?

By Jessica Williams The Lens For the third year in a row — every year they’ve had the choice — no Recovery School District charter

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Advocates say Common Core closes the gap in Math

By Peter Schurmann Contributing Writer (Special from New America Media) – U.S. students’ poor showing in international rankings of math proficiency signal a growing barrier

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Carver parents, students express their dissatisfaction, concerns
By Kari Harden Contributing Writer Parents Bianca Johnson and Darlene Scott aren’t making any excuses for their teenage boys. They don’t deny that their children can at times be a handful, and that ...
HBCU’s presidents at a new crossroad
By Dianne Hayes Contributing Writer (Special to the NNPA from The Westside Gazette) – Only three months into the academic year and headlines have been littered with announcements about HBCU leadership ...
N.O. struggles to provide adequate education for special-needs students
By Kari Harden Contributing Writer When Kelly Fisher moved to New Orleans four years ago, she never imagined finding a school for her son would be such a battle.
Charter boards to choose between parish and state oversight
Many charter boards will take up the question of switching to the Orleans Parish School Board at their next meeting.
Higher Ed. not paying off for Black men in the job market
By Frederick Lowe Contributing Writer (Special from The NorthStar News and New America Media) –Although more Black men have graduated from high school and college, their educational achie­ve­ments have not increased their ...
More charter schools now eligible to join OPSB, but will they?
By Jessica Williams The Lens One of the key obstacles to convincing Recovery School District charter schools to switch to the Orleans Parish School Board — a loss of some money and ...
Implementation of i3 education grants being questioned
By Kari Harden Contributing Writer Despite being the recipient of an $800,000 federal grant, John McDonogh Senior High School is having serious money problems.
Maryland HBCU case has implications for America
By Zenitha Prince Contributing Writer ( — A federal judge’s ruling that Maryland violated the constitutional rights of the students at its historically Black college and universities by perpetuating segregation will have ...

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