Kevin Ollie, head coach of the University of Connecticut’s men’s basketball team who won the NCAA Division I title this past season. Ollie, a former UConn player, became head coach in 2012. Photo courtesy of The Washington Informer

The disappearance of the Black coach: African Americans shut out of college basketball

By Stacy M. Brown Contributing Writer (Special from The Washington Informer and New America Media) – Just a handful of years after the tumultuous, racially

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Essence Festival 2014 – Prince and Beyond

By Geraldine Wyckoff Contributing Writer Like life, anticipating the Essence Festival can be full of expectations followed by the element of surprise. This year’s 20th

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Huey ‘Piano’ Smith and the Rocking Pneumonia Blues
By Geraldine Wykcoff Contributing Writer Huey “Piano” Smith and the Rocking Pneumonia Blues By John Wirt (Louisiana State University Press) For many fans and scholars of New Orleans’ rhythm and blues heydays of the ...
Essence founder releases memoir chronicling magazine’s beginnings
By Mason Harrison Contributing Writer ‘My grandmother was my introduction to the empowerment of Black women. She bought 110 acres of land in 1927 and believed that hard work killed nobody.’
Essence Fest 2014, The return of Prince to New Orleans
By Geraldine Wyckoff Contributing Writer Without a doubt, Prince’s return to the Essence Festival, July 3- 6, after a 10-year hiatus has created a huge buzz. That’s for good reason. The seven-time ...
Sammie 'Big Sam' Williams
Big Sam’s Funky Nation lands at the Essence Festival
By Geraldine Wyckoff Contributing Writer Years ago when Sammie “Big Sam” Williams walked into the band room at Edward Livingston Middle School, the band director asked him what he wanted to play. ...
Coming out of Congo Square – Bamboula 2000
By Geraldine Wyckoff Contributing Writer Bamboula 2000 celebrates and sings about its 20th anniversary on a new release, The Wild Bamboulas. In 1994, percussionist and vocalist Luther Gray founded the group in ...
Maxi Priest, reggae superstar, hits his groove
By Dwight Brown NNPA Entertainment Critic Reggae superstar Maxi Priest had three reasons to put on a lively, well-received show at B.B. King’s Blues Club & Grill last Wednesday night. 1) He ...
The Revolt 002
Celebrated Civil Rights murals on display at NOMA
By Fritz Esker Contributing Writer The works of one of America’s most celebrated artists showcasing some of the most pivotal moments in African-American history are now on display in New Orleans.
Women on Record – Purpose & Attitude
By Geraldine Wyckoff Contributing Writer Gaynielle Neville Woman Power(Independent) Gaynielle Neville is certainly most recognized as a backup vocalist in support of her husband’s, Cyril Neville, various band projects including the Uptown Allstars. Her ...

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