The secret to enviable abs

By Sterling Wise Contributing Writer (Special to the NNPA from the New Pittsburgh Courier) – A toned, lean stomach is the ultimate sign of a

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Lose the diet AND the weight

(Special to the NNPA from The Chicago Defender) – Want to lose weight? It’s simple: adopt a no-diet plan. As many as 70 to 90

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Diabetes and the holidays, damage control
By Dianne Anderson Contributing Writer (Special to the NNPA from The Precinct Reporter) – From now until after New Year’s, everyone is breaking out the Christmas cakes and cookies, the breads, ...
Six reasons you should try yoga
By Brittany Gatson Contributing Writer (Special to the NNPA from The Michigan Chronicle) – Besides being “in,” yoga is an incredibly beneficial activity for all ages and abilities. The health benefits ...
Walk your way to a healthy lifestyle
Americans can legit unsecured loans for bad credit seldom get through the day without being offered the opportunity to “supersize” something. Whether it is a sugar-filled drink, French fries, that ...
Research: Minority children need strategies to fight obesity
ANN ARBOR, MI—The White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity, created by the president as part of the first lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign, aims to solve the epidemic of childhood ...
Surgeon general says beautiful hair and exercise can mix
(Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Afro American Newspapers) — U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin is enlisting hair stylists in the national fight against obesity. According to ...
Minorities worry about their children’s health
MICHIGAN — The top 10 children’s health concerns among people of all races include childhood obesity, drug abuse, and smoking and teen pregnancy, according to a recent poll by the ...
Black dieters watch their weight for general wellness
CHICAGO – Whether it’s a suggestion from our physician or a need to slim down, almost everyone experiences the desire to exercise more or eat healthier at ...
City announces opening of twelve additional pools
NEW ORLEANS, LA — Today, June 6, 2011, the City will open twelve pools across New Orleans, an increase from only eight pools last year.