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Nearly half of Americans with high blood pressure not controlling it: CDC

(Special HealthDay News) — Nearly half of Americans with high blood pressure are not properly controlling their condition, increasing their risk of heart attack, stroke

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Poll: African Americans see global warming as a major threat

By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) – Two-thirds of African Americans believe global warming is a serious issue, ranking it as

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U.S. adult smoking rate falls to new low
(Special from NorthStarNews Today) – Less than 17 percent of adults said they smoked in 2014, down from nearly 21 percent in 2005, a U.S. Centers for Disease Control ...
Obama Care improves health of Black America
By Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. NNPA Columnist Black Americans continue to face serious disparities in education, employment, and in economic development. While over 45 million Black Americans have made some type of ...
Low vitamin D linked to aggressive prostate cancer
By Erin White Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) – A vitamin D deficiency may increase the chance of developing aggressive forms of prostate cancer for some men who are at high ...
New study attempts to tackle preeclampsia which disproportionately affects Black pregnancies
By Ryan Whirty Contributing Writer Pregnancy disorders preeclampsia and early-onset preeclampsia affect roughly 10,000 women in the United States each year. That might not seem like a lot, but when the condition ...
EPA slow to halt use of deadly pesticide
By Viji Sundaram Contributing Writer (Special from New America Media) – On a cool November day in 2009, farmworker Jovita Alfau was transplanting hibiscus as she’d been instructed in a section of ...
Black men may get worse prostate cancer care, study contends
(HealthDay News) — Older Black men with prostate cancer seem more likely to receive poorer quality of care that costs more compared to white men, a new study found.
Racism linked to Asthma risk for Black women
By Tom Testa Contributing Writer (Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from — African-American women who have frequent experiences with racism are at greater risk of developing asthma as adults, ...
There’s no place like home for taking your blood pressure
(Special from NorthStarNews Today) – Individuals are being urged to take their blood pressure at home or other places outside of a hospital setting because being in a physician’s ...

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