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Muhammad Ali’s death raises more awareness about Parkinson’s disease

By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) – Muhammad Ali, the late great world heavyweight boxing champion, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease,

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THE GUARDIANSHIP TRAP: Protecting elders, or exploiting them?

By Emily Gurnon Contributing Writer First in a series (Special from PBS NextAve-nue/New America Media) – Ginger Franklin was just shy of her 50th birthday

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African Americans will continue to suffer from high rates of visual impairment
(Special from NorthStar-News Today) – As the nation’s Baby Boomers age, African Americans will continue to suffer from the second-highest rate of visual impairment behind white women, the National Eye ...
Reasons dementia risk is high for Blacks
By Andy Henion Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) – African Americans face a much higher risk — 2.52 times greater—than Caucasian Americans of developing cognitive impairment, including dementia, later in life. ...
Building strong children today for a strong nation tomorrow
By Marian Wright Edelman George Curry Media Columnist Pediatricians aren’t usually day-to-day policy makers, but policy decisions affect the work they do every day as frontline caregivers for our nation’s children. ...
Medical errors are the cause 250,000 U.S. deaths a year
By Vanessa McMains Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) – Medical errors cause more than 250,000 deaths every year in the United States, enough to make them the nation’s third-leading cause of ...
Lupus’ disproportionate impact on women and minorities must be known
( — For far too long, many Americans have remained unaware that more than 1.5 million people, mostly women, are affected by lupus, and that it is the leading cause ...
Lack of sleep can lead to false confessions
By Andy Henion Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) — Sleep-deprived people are much more likely to sign false confessions than rested individuals, according to a new study that has important implications ...
African-American men with historically Black names live a year longer
By Andy Henion Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) – Black men with historically distinctive Black names such as Elijah and Moses lived a year longer, on average, than other Black men, ...
New Orleans actively fending off the Zika virus
By Bob Marshall The Lens Entomologist Sarah Michaels peered carefully into the mesh collection sack from the city mosquito trap off Press Street. Several hundred were inside, but none looked like the ...

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