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Understanding holiday weight gain

By Glenn Ellis Contributing Writer ( — Reports of your holiday weight gain have been greatly exaggerated. Media stories often suggest that the average person

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Aging in Trump’s America is something to fear, healthcare experts warn

By Elizabeth Payne Contributing Writer (Ottawa Citizen/New America Media) — Being old in America could get a lot more difficult under a Donald Trump presidency,

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Aging boomers to depend on help from their friends, extended kin
By Lois Collins Contributing Writer (Special from Deseret News/New America Media) – Family members already form an “invisible workforce” that cares for America’s frail elders. But changes in policy and family structure ...
Cure sought for the soaring cost of insulin
By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer (NorthStarNews Today) — U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Elijah Cummings have asked the U.S. Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the rise ...
Louisiana fights an HIV epidemic
By Fritz Esker Contributing Writer While HIV infections do not garner the media attention they did during the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, the disease is still at epidemic proportions ...
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Protections fall short in in-home care
By Jennifer Marguilis Contributing Writer Part II of a two-part series (New America Media) – A retired pharmacist, Roland Sergio, 68, was so careful about his appearance that he mowed the lawn in ...
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Stopping elder abuse in in-home care
By Jennifer Margulis Contributing Writer Part 1 of 2 articles. (New America Media) — They were so happy to find her. The young woman sent by Home Instead Senior Care made a ...
New study could pressure VA to expand Agent Orange benefits
By Charles Ornstein ProPublica Mike Hixenbaugh The Virginian-Pilot A new study has found a close relationship between Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam War and high blood pressure, a conclusion that could ...
It’s that time of year again, flu season
By Glenn Ellis Contributing Writer ( — Our flu season is around the corner. And while the timing varies in different parts of the country, most flu activity — influenza-like illness, hospitalizations, ...
So what’s the low down on digestion – the key to your energy?
By Glenn Ellis Contributing Writer ( — It’s that time of year! Holiday season is rapidly approaching. Overeating and holiday stress make for a digestive double whammy! Have you ever enjoyed ...

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