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Finding support for seniors facing challenges living alone

By Lisa Esposito Contributing Writer Part II (Special from U.S. News & World Report/New America Media) – Your parent prizes his or her independence and

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Davis Satcher, former Surgeon General makes plea for equity in health care

(Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Capital Outlook) – Leadership and equity are two important elements that must be in place if

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Aging parents at a distance who aren’t really just fine’
By Lisa Esposito Contributing Writer (Special from U.S. News & World Report/New America Media) – “I’m doing fine.” It’s reassuring to hear when you call a parent who lives far away. But ...
The other 2016 Campaign: Reframing aging
By Bob Rosenblatt Contributing Writer (Special from PBS Next Avenue/New America Media) – It’s a scary and depressing image of aging: If you are sick or poor and over 65, it’s your ...
Rare form of diabetes needs its own treatment rules
By Jim Dryden Contributing Writer Patients with a rare, genetic form of diabetes often are misdiagnosed as having type 2 diabetes because the two share symptoms. Now, scientists say treating these patients with ...
Confusion on palliative care vs. hospice limits help at end-of-life
By Jennifer L. Boen Contributing Writer (Special from Fort Wayne News-Sentinel/New America Media) – Rozanne and Gerald Hallman were thrust unexpectedly and severely into the land of the seriously ill when, in ...
Fibroids may be caused by hair products, according to new report
By Sistas, we may all be in trouble according to a new report. It says that fibroids and some cancers may be the result of the products we use ...
Very young children and seniors are especially vulnerable to the common RSV bug.
Children, elders hit by common virus that can turn deadly
By Mark Taylor Contributing Writer (Special from Chicago Tribune/New America Media) – Kristen Padavic said no one told her about respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, when she delivered twin daughters prematurely eight ...
Low vitamin D levels predict aggressive prostate cancer
(Northwestern University News) — Men who are deficient in vitamin D often have more aggressive prostate cancer at the time of surgery, according to a recent study.
Huge ‘balance bills’ surprise patients after ER visits
By Susan Buchanan Contributing Writer Last week, state Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon said he has publicly opposed “balance billing” by hospitals during his nine years in office. To control their own costs, ...

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