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BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Protections fall short in in-home care

By Jennifer Marguilis Contributing Writer Part II of a two-part series (New America Media) – A retired pharmacist, Roland Sergio, 68, was so careful about

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BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Stopping elder abuse in in-home care

By Jennifer Margulis Contributing Writer Part 1 of 2 articles. (New America Media) — They were so happy to find her. The young woman sent

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New study could pressure VA to expand Agent Orange benefits
By Charles Ornstein ProPublica Mike Hixenbaugh The Virginian-Pilot A new study has found a close relationship between Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam War and high blood pressure, a conclusion that could ...
It’s that time of year again, flu season
By Glenn Ellis Contributing Writer ( — Our flu season is around the corner. And while the timing varies in different parts of the country, most flu activity — influenza-like illness, hospitalizations, ...
So what’s the low down on digestion – the key to your energy?
By Glenn Ellis Contributing Writer ( — It’s that time of year! Holiday season is rapidly approaching. Overeating and holiday stress make for a digestive double whammy! Have you ever enjoyed ...
IT can help patients age in place – but they understand it
By Viji Sundaram Contributing Writer (Special from New America Media) — The United States is at a juncture of a “perfect storm” – a burgeoning elderly population, chronic diseases and a shortage ...
Do you really need an annual physical?
By Glenn Ellis Contributing Writer ( — Regular physical exams are annual rituals for many Americans. A physical examination is a routine series of tests your primary care provider (PCP) performs ...
Kid Cudi’s rehab prompts meaningful discussions of race and mental ilness
By Zenitha Prince Contributing Writer ( — Rapper and actor Kid Cudi is receiving a wave of support from fans after announcing that he has checked himself into rehab to combat ...
Blacks and salt
By Glenn Ellis Contributing Writer ( — The average American consumes nearly 3,400 mg of sodium per day; the recommendation for the American Heart Association is 1,500 mg per day. When there’s ...
In mental health care, are we treating the symptom but not the cause?
By Anna Challet Contributing Writer (Special from New America Media) — Mental health underlies many of the issues at the forefront of our national consciousness. Police brutality, gun violence, mass incarceration — ...

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