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Tips for keeping your aging mind sharp and avoiding dementia

By Tibisay Zea Contributing Writer (Special from LaPlaneta/New America Media) — Raise your hand if you have a friend or relative who suffers or has

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Photo courtesy of Market Umbrella/Crescent City Farmers Market

Local food affair raises funds to support local farmers

By Kaelin Maloid Contributing Writer In a city where cuisine is king and supporting local communities and businesses is a way of life, there may

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Balancing mobility and fear of falls in seniors
By Lisa Esposito Contributing Writer (Special from US News & World Report/New America Media) — Fear of falling can take a toll when your sense of balance is fading. Some seniors avoid ...
Black men more likely to die from their first heart attack
(Special from — After studies earlier last month revealed that African Americans are more likely to die younger, new studies stating that black men are twice more likely to ...
Brain Health for a Song -Aging and the Arts
By Dawn Davis Contributing Writer (Special from Caribbean Today/New America Media) — Dementia, or cognitive decline, is not inevitable as we age! So say researchers who have conducted studies that refute that ...
Senior volunteers helping after a tornado.
What’s the ‘right’ amount of volunteering for older adults?
By Lisa Esposito Contributing Writer (Special from U.S. News & World Report/New America Media) — When Sara Skinner, 79, of Flagstaff, Arizona, offered herself up as a volunteer with the Senior Corps ...
Super-early detection of Alzheimer’s made possible by brain scans
By Lisa Esposito Contributing Writer (Special from US News & World Report/New America Media) — “Tau tangles” and “amyloid plaques” might evoke a Medusa-like image of a head full of chaotic, snake-ridden ...
CrescentCare breaks ground on Elysian Fields Health Center
By Fritz Esker Contributing Writer New Orleans added one more address to its growing list of clinics during last week’s National Health Center Week. On August 15, CrescentCare broke ground on a new ...
Sleep: Nature’s elixir for sustaining good health
By Kevin McNeir Contributing Writer (Washington Informer/New America Media) — How many hours per night do you sleep? Do you ever feel the need to take a catnap in order to make ...
Could a vaccine prevent Alzheimer’s? Some researchers think so
By Elizabeth Payne Contributing Writer (Special from Ottawa Citizen/New America Media) — Could Alzheimer’s disease be prevented one day with a vaccine? That is the tantalizing promise of a body of scientific research ...

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