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African Americans respond better to German measles vaccine, study contends

(Special from HealthDay News and the NorthStar News) – Black Americans respond better to the rubella vaccine, which prevents German measles, than whites or Hispanics,

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Black men suffer from higher rates of premature death

By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer (Special from the NorthStar News) — African-American men suffer from higher rates of health disparities compared to men of

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Area church’s effort to give ‘new hope’ to teen in need of bone marrow transplant
By Fritz Esker Contributing Writer New Orleanians looking to help a boy in need are invited to attend the “Swab for Scooter” bone marrow and blood drive at New Hope Baptist Church ...
The D Factor: How respect for dignity can make care better
By Paula Spencer Contributing Writer SAN FRANCISCO (Car­­ing.­com/­New America Media) — Dignity is one of those things we don’t think much about until it’s gone.
Young Black men suffer from high rates of depression
By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer They are hyper-vigilant for any signs of danger because they are under intense surveillance (Special from the NorthStar News) — Young African-American men suffer from much ...
CDC says 1 in 4 U.S. families faced medical debt crisis in 2012
By Alexis Taylor Contributing Writer (Special from AFRO and New America Media) – One out of every four American families in 2012 dealt with a medical bill debt burden, according to a ...
OTC drugs: A dangerous prescription for confusion
By Rochelle Sharpe Contributing Writer (Connecticut Health I-Team/New America Media) – At Able Care Pharmacy & Medical Supplies in Enfield, Conn., Ashraf Moustafa often tries to avert disasters involving drugs ...
Lauren Wiltz, 16 days after her birth
Small Beginnings: Parents sacrifice to see their ‘premies’ prevail
By Nayita Wilson Contributing Writer From conception to delivery, no two pregnancies are alike. The same can be said for life after birth, especially in cases of prematurity.
Blacks’ sleeping patterns are unhealthy, Harvard study finds
By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer Lack of slumber may contribute to chronic diseases - diabetes and high blood pressure (Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from TheNorthStar­ — Perceived or objective ...
DHH’s new regulations for abortion clinics stir outrage
By Fritz Esker Contributing Writer Louisiana’s pro-choice advocates are in an uproar over new regulations released by Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH). Critics feel these regulations would be tantamount to ...

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