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New study believes African Americans have higher risk of Alzheimer’s

By Robin Reese Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStar-News Today) – The first known meta-analysis of Alzheimer’s disease incidence by race shows that African Americans are

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Rocky rollouts as states try managing Medicaid long-term care

By Mark Taylor Contributing Writer (Special from The Chicago Tribune and New America Media) – The national move to home and community-based care away from

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New rules mean more kidney transplants for Blacks, Hispanics
By Lauren Nelson Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStar News Today) – New rules for allocating donor kidneys have led to more transplants for blacks and Hispanics, whose access to donor organs had ...
The danger of high blood pressure
By Glenn Ellis Contributing Writer (Special from George Curry Media) – Is all the talk about high blood pressure really relevant? The unequivocal answer: Yes!
Advance Care Plans: African-American seniors and life’s ‘what-ifs’
By Sheri L. Stuart Contributing Writer UPLAND, Calif. (Special from New America Media) – In an eight-hour shift, Alicia Lamour will evaluate the nursing care of a number of patients admitted ...
Blacks least likely to get shingles protection, according to study
By Carolyn Guniss Contributing Writer ORLANDO, Fla. (Special from Miami Times and New America Media) — Florida Atlantic University (FAU) researchers have found that even though shingles is a debilitatingly painful virus, ...
Ageism, attitude can impact your physical and brain health
By Lisa Esposito Contributing Writer ORLANDO, Fla. (Special from U.S. News & World Report and New America Media) — Accomplished, enlightened, learned, sage and wise? Or confused, decrepit, incompetent and declining? The ...
What prompts elder abuse? Researcher find common triggers
By Emily Gurnon Contributing Writer ORLANDO, Fla. (PBS Next Avenue/New America Media) – Tony Rosen, MD, has seen his share of cuts, bruises and broken bones. In his job as an emergency ...
How the system fails grandmothers raising kids
(Special from NorthStarNews Today) – Increasing numbers of grandmothers across the United States are raising their grandchildren, many of them in poverty and grappling with a public assistance system not ...
Looking after your eyes
By Glenn Ellis Contributing Writer (Special from George Curry Media) – As people age so do their eyes. Some people suffer from vision problems early on and others can have great ...

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