Federal judge takes NOPD to task

NOPD asks for more money for additional cameras A federal judge said Wednesday that the penalties for NOPD officers not turning on their body and/or

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Educational initiative hopes to jumpstart workforce

By Kari Dequine Harden Contributing Writer A group of education administrators, politicians, and business leaders gathered for a luncheon and dialogue at the top of

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Controversial school property tax proposal on December ballot
By Kari Dequine Harden Contributing Writer The disagreement over proposed new legislation renewing and repurposing property tax dollars into a fund for school facility maintenance isn’t a disagreement over the fact that ...
S&WB projects could hasten bayou’s revival
By Susan Buchanan Contributing Writer Freshwater fish are jumping again in Bayou Bienvenue, the former cypress-tupelo swamp spanning the Lower Ninth Ward and St. Bernard Parish. Fresh water began replacing salt water ...
Civil Service staff urges 20 percent jump in cop pay
By Sam Tabachnik The Lens After seven years without an across-the-board raise, New Orleans police officers should be accorded a 20 percent pay hike phased in over three years, according to a ...
Big Class provides forum for everyone to tell their stories
By Kari Dequine Harden Contributing Writer Dedicated to cultivating the voices of young writers in New Or­leans, Big Class continues to ex­pand their programs both at their St. Claude Avenue headquarters and ...
Interim NOPD chief discusses policing concerns with citizens
By Nayita Wilson Contributing Writer Law enforcement and community leaders along with New Orleans residents from across the city recently discussed local crime and policing issues during a community discussion facilitated by ...
The façade of the New Orleans East Hospital
Methodist Hospital reopens with new name, fewer beds
By Michael Patrick Welch Contributing Writer When it’s said that a place smells “like a hospital,” it’s usually not a compliment. But the nine-week-old New Orleans East Hospital smells brand new. Sunlight ...
NOPD grilled over body cameras
In the wake of several high-profile NOPD murder cases and ongoing efforts to completely overhaul the embattled New Orleans Police Department, body cameras were touted as a way to increase ...
Dept. of Agriculture reinstates Circle Food Store’s WIC status
By Mason Harrison Contributing Writer New Orleans’ iconic Circle Food Store, after months of lobbying federal officials, was given the green light September 18 to begin accepting WIC vouchers despite state and ...

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