IG report slams NOPD’s handling of sexual assault cases

A report released on November 12 by New Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux painted an unflattering picture of the department’s Special Victims Section detectives’ handling

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N.O. ponders vote on OPBS property tax

By Marta Jewson The Lens Next month, New Orleans voters will decide whether to extend an expiring property tax that finances repairs to public school

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Council focuses on NOPD staffing and pay raises
With a dwindling police force and the Louisiana state troopers preparing to end their four-month stay in New Orleans, NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison went before the City Council on Oct. ...
Housing discrimination continues in Orleans Parish, says report
By Mason Harrison Contributing Writer Housing discrimination, suggests a new report, remains a flagrant issue in Orleans Parish even as federal officials attempt to beef up enforcement of the Fair Housing Act ...
GOP vs. Dem turnout will decide if Sen. Landrieu is re-elected
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer The question of which group will stay home in greater numbers in the December 6th runoff, Tea Party Caucasian Republicans or working class African-American Democrats, will ...
Last-minute changes to city’s hiring rules raises questions
The Civil Service Commission unexpectedly approved two changes to city hiring rules without warning Monday after a closed-door executive session, The Lens reported last week. Perhaps more perplexing was the ...
Metro Black vote high, but not ‘game changing’ on Nov. 4
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer By early afternoon on November 4, consultants for some Caucasian Democrats on the ballot in Orleans and the Black-majority areas of Jefferson began to worry.
Organization asks U.S. Attorney Polite to take action in two cases
Justice & Beyond, a New Orleans-based group of justice advocates, last week asked U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite to launch investigations of two cases involving people of color in New Orleans. ...
Bail or jail…What’s wrong with Louisiana’s bail system?
By Marjorie R. Esman Guest Columnist Consider the following scenario. Two people are arrested and jailed for the same minor offense. It is each person’s first offense. At their individual bail ...
N.O. goes on the attack against domestic violence
By Mason Harrison Contributing Writer National research ranks Louisiana among a handful of states with the highest rates of male-on-female violence in the United States. Figures—taken from 21 police jurisdictions across the ...

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