Sen. Landrieu steps up and steps in fight to lower student loan interest rates

By Kari Dequine Harden Contributing Writer With cuts to higher education in Louisiana at a record high, are public universities still public? That’s a question

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Black entrepreneurs, Black millionaires, a Black billionaire and questions about the reality of true economic power

By Ashahed M. Muhammad Contributing Writer (Special to the NNPA from The Final Call) – Despite upward trending employment statistics and financial achievement for some

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In desegregation case, judge blasts school officials and Justice Dept.
By Nikole Hannah-Jones ProPublica A federal judge in Alabama has taken the rare step of ruling against a local school board in a desegregation case, rejecting the board’s claims that it ...
Democrats and Republicans are more polarized than ever before, but most Americans fall somewhere in the varied center between the two extremes.  Infographic by Pew Research Center
U.S. political views not rigidly defined
By Jazelle Hunt Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) – Politically, the nation is less sharply divided collection of red and blue states, and more a rainbow patchwork of political ideologies, according ...
Supreme Court used Indian law to prevent birth control for women
By Rob Capriccioso Contributing Writer (Special from Indian Country Today and New America Media) – In wake of the 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby issued June ...
Michelle Howard becomes Navy’s first female Four-Star Admiral
(The Washington Informer) – The Navy made history this month when it promoted Michelle Howard, an African American, to be its first female four-star admiral.
Black South Africans get new chance to seek redress for stolen land
(Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from Global Information Network) — South Africa will restart the claims process that provides compensation to Black families who were illegally removed from ...
Black policy group vows to rescue Joint Center
By Hazel Trice Edney Contributing Writer ( — The Public Policy Alliance (NPA), a coalition of thousands of Black elected officials and public policy executives, founded more than 40 years ago under ...
Freedom Summer 50 years later
By Marjorie R. Esman Guest Columnist In 1964, I was a child growing up in New York. I am fortunate that my family has always had a social conscience. During that year, ...
Voting rights still ‘under siege,’ says coalition
By Anna Challet Contributing Writer (Special from New America Media) – One year after the Shelby County v. Holder Supreme Court decision, which weakened protections for minority voters under the Voting Rights ...

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