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Citizens should study bills and take initiative and contact their public officials By Marjorie R. Esman Guest Columnist The 2014 session of the Louisiana Legislature

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Caribbean countries will seek reparations

By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer (Special from The North Star News) — The Caribbean Community Secretariat, an organization representing 15 Caribbean countries in a

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Alzheimer’s Disease growing in Black community
By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer (Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from —Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia are growing rapidly in the African-American community and no one ...
Unemployment rate for Black women falls to single digits
By Freddie Allen NNPA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) — During another slow month of economic recovery, the unemployment rate for Black women 20 years and older fell to 9.9 percent in February, ...
REAR ADMIRAL MICHELLE HOWARD led the rescue of Captain Phillips, but the 2013 movie never mentions her.
President Obama nominates Black woman as first 4-Star U.S. Navy Admiral
By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer (Special from The NorthStar News) – U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Michelle Howard has been nominated to be a four-star admiral by President Barack Obama. She was ...
The Senate voted 55-43 to confirm Robert Wilkins to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in early January. That gives Democratic appointees a 7-4 majority on the politically influential bench. The D.C. Circuit, second in clout only to the Supreme Court, hears appeals of White House actions and federal rules and regulations.
‘Disrespected’ Obama appointed the most Black judges
By Freddie Allen NNPA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) – Despite the unprecedented levels of obstruction from Republicans in the Senate, President Obama has managed to get a higher rate of Black ...
Young, Black and afraid of ‘The System’
By Corey Arvin Contributing Writer (Special to the NNPA from Black Voice News) – Contrary to popular belief, today’s young African Americans are not more skeptical of their value in ...
State police investigate in-custody death
Victim, 22, fatally shot while in handcuffs State police are investigating the death of a 22-year-old New Iberia, La. man who local police sat shot and killed himself while handcuffed in ...
Black and Brown inmates herded into private prisons
By Jazelle Hunt NNPA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) — Although private schools are often lauded for providing a better education to students, the same can’t be said of private prisons, which ...
The April 15, 1968 issue of the United Farm Workers' newspaper, dedicated to the memory of Dr. King, was an homage to the overlapping chronicles of Latino and African-American freedom struggles.
ReVisioning Black History Month: Linking African-American and Latino histories
By Paul Ortiz Beacon Broadside (Special from Facing South) – Black History Month is more important than ever. To understand how this nation traveled from colonialism to independence, slavery to freedom, and ...

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