Will new teaching standards lift achievement levels for minorities?

By George White Contributing Writer Editor’s Note: Louisiana and 44 other states this year are beginning to implement the new Common Core States Standards for

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Some ‘government workers’ earning private-sector CEO wages

By Jazelle Hunt NNPA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) – The CEOs of some private firms that have taken over government functions are earning as much

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Obama appoints Morial to advisory council
President Obama announced last week the appointment of 15 individuals to his Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans, including former New Orleans mayor Marc H. Morial.
President Barack Obama meets with African-American civil rights leaders to discuss criminal justice reform, income inequality and the Affordable Care Act, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Feb. 18, 2014 Photo by Pete Souza/The White House
Black leaders reveal recurring issues in conversation with President
By Hazel Trice Edney Contributing Writer ( — Issues on the agenda of a White House meeting between national Black leaders and President Barack Obama last week indicate not much ...
This photo was a part of the memes that trended on social media during Black History Month.
Black History Month hashtag viewed as disgraceful
By Brelaun Douglas Contributing Writer ( — Search this hashtag: #First­N*ggaTo- on one of the popular media sites such as Instagram or Twitter and be prepared for a Black History Month shock. Posts ...
Black Institute urges CBC to speak out on immigration reform
By Tony Best Contributing Writer Special to the NNPA from the New York Carib News) — As immigration reform remains stalled on Capitol Hill, New York’s Black Backers of reform may head ...
Environmental racism: ‘New frontline’ of human rights
By Zenitha Prince Contributing Writer (Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Afro American Newspaper) — Environmental justice activists are calling attention to what they say is the new frontline ...
Black Women’s history collection unavailable through March 9
By Zenitha Price Contributing Writer (Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Afro American Newspaper) — The National Archives for Black Women’s History collection will be relocated from the Mary ...
Black women are still penalized for race and gender
By Jazelle Hunt Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) – The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed race- and gender-based discrimination. Now, 50 years later, Black women still suffer under the double-whammy of race ...
Statue to be erected in honor of Maggie Walker — Black woman bank founder
By Jeremy M. Lazarus Contributing Writer (Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Richmond Free Press) — Maggie L. Walker, Richmond’s most celebrated woman, is going to be put on ...

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