Technology center opens in New Orleans

La. Gov. Piyush “Bobby” Jindal and GE Senior Vice President Brackett Denniston on Thursday dedicated the new GE Capital Technology Center in New Orleans. The

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New law would allow optometrists to operate

By J. Kojo Livingston Contributing Writer The Louisiana State Medical Society and the Louisiana Opthal­mology Association are opposing a bill that would allow optometrists to

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Controversial chained CPI appears in President’s budget proposal
By Fritz Esker Contributing Writer As the prospect of chained CPI remains a part of President Barack Obama’s budget proposal this week, the threat of reduced Social Security benefits has many Louisi­anians ...
Upcoming governor’s race, U.S. senate race intertwine
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer A steady procession of politicos have been making pilgrimage to the Fifth Floor of the Baton Rouge Capital Annex. They come to court Lt. Governor Jay ...
Judge rules school voucher law is not constitutional
By Zoe Sullivan Contributing Writer The decision will be appealed, no matter which side won. Interviews with parties following the Act II education constitutionality lawsuit affirmed this belief. ...
Teachers face tough choices as charter schools drop pensions
By Jessica Williams Daunted by the high cost of the state teachers pension system, charter schools are switching to 401(k)-style plans, forcing longtime teachers to decide if they’re willing to ac­cept ...
The Hard Truth – The Boissiere defection and bad ethics
By Min. J. Kojo Livingston Contributing Writer The tail-tucking flip-flop of Lambert Boissiere on the lowering of the ridiculous phone rates in Louisiana prisons and jails is bad, really bad. But it’s ...
Claimants opt out of proposed BP medical settlement
By Susan Buchanan Contributing Writer A medical portion in the proposed, $7.8 billion class-action settlement with BP will satisfy some residents who became ill from the 2010 spill but hundreds of others ...
Jindal’s opening gambit
So, he’s running again, already. In the week following the Presidential elections, Governor Piyush Amrit “Bobby” Jindal has indirectly announced his bid for the 2006 White House…along ...
Drunk driver kills 7, family wants justice
By J. Kojo Livingston Contributing Writer In Slaughter, Louisiana, people are up in arms about the handling of a case of vehicular homicide that left seven people dead. Issues of race and ...

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