A Rose signs with nine choirs of angels

By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist Among the thousands uprooted from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Horace Charles Bynum, Sr. and his wife Ethel

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An open letter to Black leaders/parents

By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist “My whole head went flying to the side! It was a hard punch,” said Phoebe Connolly of Vermont. “One

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Thanksgiving is not always easy
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist It seems that every loving, caring, sociable human being falls victim in some way to the annual holiday blues, anniversary syndrome or SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. ...
Who’s afraid of a Black Hollywood?
By David Dennis Jr. Contributing Writer Who remembers Soul Plane? The movie, which came out about a decade ago, was the nadir of Black cinema. The premise was simple (and embarrassing): a ...
Chronicling the healing of an eye
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Writer As Frank “Paco” Norvel swer­ved into the parking lot of the Center For Cancer And Blood Disorders, I reflected, “A visit to an oncologist is not ...
His candle burned on both ends
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist Part of South Side Fort Worth’s urban renewal project, Evans Avenue Plaza is an acre of brick and marble slab design inscribed with stories of local ...
Running the numbers on our bad children
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist Playing baseball in America was the wonderful dream of 22-year-old Christopher Lane who left his native Australia three years ago with a baseball scholarship for East ...
The Bounce Back: Did Grambling just start a fire?
By David Dennis Contributing Writer More than 50 years ago, HBCU students mobilized and fueled a movement that would forever chan­ge America’s landscape. Whe­t­her it was the Woolworth sit-ins in Greens­boro, Freedom ...
An icon’s solo flight to heaven
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist As a lad of 7, Claude Platte was fascinated by airplanes flying from and around Meacham Airport in North Fort Worth. One special day, a very ...
Human body, the wonder of the world
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist About the beginning of May, a near imperceptible narrowing of my left eye caught my attention. Completely new to me, I watched it day by day ...

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