Red Tails in the sunset

By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist Shifting restlessly in his hospital bed, Claude Platte asked his wife Erma, “Why don’t you get up in this

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Church must speak the people’s jargon

By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist Among numerous other things a half-century ago, on November 29, 1964, use of the vernacular as the ordinary language

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Candidates for New Orleans elected offices kick off campaigns
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Basin Street Station, the renovated train depot that is part Vieux Carre’ welcome center/part reception hall on its top floor, has gained some notoriety in recent weeks ...
Truth is stranger, stronger than fiction
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist Happy and exhilarated in her vintage Mercedes, Katie was tooling coolly down two-way-traffic Route 19 near Center, Missouri, when she saw her life flash before her. ...
Is gluttony no longer a deadly sin?
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist In ancient Rome, vomitoria primarily meant the well-designed exit passageways and corridors under the Colosseum and other large buildings through which many thousands of people were ...
The Hard Truth…Russell Simmons rapes Tubman
By Min. J. Kojo Livingston Contributing Writer The concept should offend you. A comedy sex tape mocking Harriett Tubman, making slave rape funny, telling us that having sex with white men was how ...
The Hard Truth… Black pimps & Negro prostitutes
By Min. J. Kojo Livingston Contributing Writer You can say the right thing for the wrong reason. Every time a civil rights leader comes out against a racist injustice some white person accuses ...
Hyphenated Christians are multiplying
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist Unity Church of Fort Worth sits a long block south of I-20 on the east side of Trail Lake Avenue in a tranquil section of Southwest ...
The Zimmerman verdict: Open season on Black youth?
By J. Kojo Livingston Contributing Writer Before George Zimmerman even went to trial for the shooting death of an unarmed Black youth who was doing nothing wrong, it seemed that other white ...
Are some good Samaritans angels?
By Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist Thoroughly enjoying their trek through the picturesque Smokies, Vernon and Jodi Newton were accompanying Ashten, their prize progeny, to the University of Indiana. To be sure, it ...

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