Ass-backwards on education

By Min. J. Kojo Livingston Contributing Writer Think about it. If you were to construct a board or commission to deal with the governance of

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When bad news becomes good news

By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist Captured in clear videos, terrifying glimpses of the tornadic monster that leveled a large area of Moore, Oklahoma May

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Baptism by fire and the Holy Spirit
By Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist It was a great day for a picnic – one of those in-between, late-spring days that sought its identity from winter past merging into summer creeping in. ...
Talks from trials of life’s cauldron
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist We SVD brothers and priests were meeting at the St. Augustine Residence in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi a couple of years ago when Bishop Fulton J. ...
Angels/God’s Messengers are all around
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist Persistent ringing of my doorbell brought me posthaste to my front door where I was greeted by a frantic mother and one obviously anxious child. Though ...
The stuff of life is serving/blessing
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist “We need to have our house blessed. Is that something you can do soon?” That request had a familiar ring for the third time ...
Building the city of man/city of God
By Fr. Jerome LeDoux Contributing Columnist “Would you do the invocation for a seminar by the Fort Worth Association of Realtists and a subsequent tour of District Five Monday morning?” ...
The Hard Truth-Use the Power, dammit!, Part II
By Min. J. Kojo Livingston Contributing Columnist They meet once per month for a few hours, but those few hours impact our lives. In those few hours they make decisions that will affect ...
Use your power
By Min. J. Kojo Livingston HardTruth Columnist It’s open prostitution. There is no other word for it. This week the Louisiana Public Service Commission voted 3 to 2 to allow phone companies to ...
Looking beyond test scores to community
By Dr. Andre M. Perry Contributing Columnist You have to see this handsome, new public elementary school located in New Orleans. We could easily walk to this inclusive building as most children ...

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