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Jindal’s raid on our trust funds

As the election for the next President approaches, I feel it is my responsibility as a former Louisiana State Senator to enlighten you about a

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New Orleans’ violation of human rights

The Mayor’s mass eviction campaign reached new heights of heartlessness and irony. After the homeless encampment at Camp and Calliope yesterday held a press conference

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Social Security
As we all acknowledge the 79th Anniversary of “Social Security,” I must say I find the term misleading. The annual Social Security Trustees report recently came out, and it said ...
Time for airport bidders to step up
New Orleans is about to invest $546 million building a new terminal at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. That’s a major opportunity for the contractors that the city ...
Tobacco-free campuses
As the Regional Manager for the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living (TFL) for the New Orleans area, I build support and awareness for the importance of safer and healthier environments ...
Safe driving this summer
From teenagers being out of school and spending more time behind the wheel to long road trips to favorite vacation spots, summertime on the road presents everyone with safety challenges. ...
Job well done
More than a year ago, WWL TV’s Dionne Butler shared with me her dream of doing a 50th anniversary Commemoration of the Civil Rights Act signing. I wanted to help.
Age discrimination
“You’re too old – and you’re fired.” No one deserves to be ousted from their job, passed over for promotion, or denied access to training and development opportunities because they are ...
Federal involvement in New Orleans
As a Republican, I’m an unlikely Obama supporter (being Black, aside) but Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s recent comments about an alleged lack of federal involvement in stopping local street crime struck ...
We can stop this
Another summer evening erupts in gunfire, only this time it happens on what the world considers to be our stage, Bourbon Street. In the midst of summer celebrants and fun-seekers ...

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