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Beyond the Badge

At a time when so much negative attention is focused on a few depraved members of law enforcement, it is important for us to remember

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Make a difference in the Louisiana state budget

It is imperative that the legislature finds a solution to the damages Jindal left behind. Legislators have been working non-stop in session after session. We

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President’s proposal to expand Social Security
Strengthening Social Security, our nation’s most effective poverty prevention program, is one of the best ways that America can reduce and prevent poverty among seniors, the disabled, and surviving dependents ...
Our fathers — Point men on patrol
In military strategy, a point man assumes the first and most exposed position in a combat military position. He is the lead soldier advancing through hostile or unsecured territory. His ...
Back-door tactics are being used to take power away from the people of New Orleans
It seems like there are forces lining up to use back-door tactics to take power away from the people of New Orleans; the people who have already chosen their representatives ...
On a mission to restore Dillard’s nursing program
Recently, Dillard University announced we were suspending new admissions to our baccalaureate and LPN-BSN nursing programs for the 2017-18 academic year in order to conduct a thorough evaluation that would ...
Smoke-free New Orleans
Workers, patrons and tourists across New Orleans have been breathing more easily for a year, thanks to the city’s smoke-free ordinance that covers all workplaces, including restaurants, bars, and casinos. ...
A Mother’s Day wish
In January of this year my mother, Pearl Mims, passed away. I am still trying to comprehend the magnitude of the loss to my family. She was my strength, my ...
Voting is key to education reform
Education – the answer to many of the problems ailing our country — is getting the least amount of attention from the candidates on the presidential campaign trail.
Healthcare should not be a bargaining chip
As a graduating senior at LSU, my final year as a Child and Family Studies major is not without its thought-provoking subject matter, yet I find the most enlightening lessons ...

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