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The name ‘Obamacare’

Universal health care in the U.S. was proposed in a letter by Republican President Teddy Roosevelt in 1907. It was central to his campaign when

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Tobacco-free Southern

One year ago, Southern University became the first university system to pass a 100 percent tobacco-free campus policy. The tobacco-free policy, implemented on January 2,

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Discipline data matters
The post-Katrina educational reform in New Orleans has been largely based on analyzing academic data to improve instruction, and student and school performance. However, in order ...
Councilmembers not in opposition to Charter change
In response to the “Clarkson and Head Both Oppose at-Large Charter Change” article published October 15, 2012, we would like to clarify that we are not opposed to a change ...
Roadblocks to patient access to medications
Louisiana residents who rely on Medicaid: Your new Bayou Health Managed Care plan may not cover your medicines.
Social Security keeps 30 percent of retired African Americans from poverty
Although many Americans are living longer, a new public policy analysis reveals that a disproportionate number of older people are also living in poverty – particularly if they are a ...
Recognizing and dealing with voter intimidation
Thanks for publishing the article “Stronger state protections needed to prevent voter intimidation,” by Sue Sturgis. Here is a brief reminder of what voter intimidation is, along with some solutions ...
The value of public broadcasting
I was very sorry to hear Gover­nor Romney’s comment about his desire to eliminate federal funding for public television. He especially targeted our children’s programming. This is not a ...
Just call me ‘Black’
Dr. Ralph Bunche, the recipient of the 1950 Nobel Prize for Peace, referred to himself as Negro or Black. Dr. Bunche died before the term “African-American” became commonly used to ...
Louisiana not a priority
It has become obvious to me that Bobby Jindal sees Louisiana in his rear-view mirror. That’s a real shame. Our state has problems in every direction—crumbling roads and bridges, colleges facing ...

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