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The American Wilderness Act

I grew up in the St. Bernard Housing Development of New Orleans, about as far as one can get from Yellowstone National Park. But as

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Education: The key to breaking the cycle of poverty

A recent survey by the National guaranteed low interest personal loan Adult Literacy Council reported that three-fourths of all welfare recipients perform at the lowest

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Letter to Editor: Gov. Jindal signs SB 469
Governor Piyush Jindal signed Senate Bill 469 into law on June 6, 2014. This legislation is governance at its worst: poorly written, for the worst of reasons, with no public benefit, ...
Monopoly utility companies must not abuse their customers
I do my best to stand firm in my beliefs. Through the years I have had many people compliment me for speaking out, even if they don’t always agree with ...
No fracking
Helis Oil &Gas, LLC has proposed to expand exploration, and possible cash advance everett development, of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale south of the existing shale production into St. Tammany ...
Immigration reform is a win-win
I recently received my Doctorate in Science Edu­cation from Louisiana State University. I am now teaching science in the Iberville Parish School System.
Letter to the Editor: Please don’t frack Louisiana
I’ve traveled a lot, for work and for pleasure, and I’ve yet to see a state as beautiful as Louisiana — or as environmentally sensitive. And yet ...
The nauseating ‘side effect’ of medical care
As millions of Americans celebrate their newfound status as medically “insured” through the Affordable Care Act, they may still join the ranks of financially strapped patients facing the rising cost ...
Legislature protects business that preys on the poor
In a legislature that wants to make the Holy Bible Louisi­ana’s official book, it seems legislators have yet to learn what the good book says about treatment of the poor ...
National Minority Health Month
April is National Minority Health Month, an opportunity for us to take care of ourselves, our health, and our community.

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