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Rep. Cassidy is wrong on health care

Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Bill Cassidy has attacked the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” as too big, too costly, and too complicated. In the

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A wrong prescription: Dr. Bill Cassidy and healthcare policy

Dr. Bill Cassidy’s argument to vote for him in the 2014 US Senate race is basically: “Trust me, I’m a doctor.” For all I know,

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America’s growing caregiving crisis
In response to August 18 Article: America’s growing caregiving crisis, one in four Louisianans care for a child or adult with disabilities or an older adult in their home. It ...
Damage to our wetlands
I was happy to hear about the coastal-damage lawsuit brought against the major oil companies by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East. This effort out of New ...
Southern Justice Prevails Again
The rights of young Black men to walk the streets, to live in a safe environment and exercise the privileges of American citizenry has been repealed. It’s not only a ...
Love, Loss and Life: NOLA for Life’s plea to end the cycle of violence
On Sunday June 7, I sat with a group of mothers who understand all too well the devastating impact of violence in our community. Each mother has lost at least ...
The State’s budget
Recently, I signed HB 1, Louisiana’s budget bill for the next fiscal year. Despite reports to the contrary, the final budget that was signed into law does not include any ...
Details matter in Charity Hospital reform
In 2009, when Alvarez & Marsal, a national performance auditor, recommended a handful of common-sense business practices that would save taxpayers $72 million a year at the state’s Big Charity ...
A medical procedure one in three women will have in their lifetime
Who has abortions? Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, lawyers, students; women have abortions. People who choose abortion may be married, single, in an abusive relationship, in a healthy ...
The mass shootings have got to stop
The Original Big 7 Social Aid and Pleasure Club community is deeply saddened by the mass shooting that took place during our annual Mother’s Day’s Parade. Our hearts and ...

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