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Justice Bernette Johnson

To include but not limited to- Judge Yvonne Hughes, Judge C. Hunter King, Judge Sonia Spears…, Remember those names? They’re all African- Americans who received

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Supreme Court decision

The League is very pleased with the Supreme Court’s de­ci­sion upholding the Afford­able Care Act (ACA). The decision in Florida v. HHS was surprising but

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Public participation needed on medicaid drug access
The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals is completing a series of public hearings in Baton Rouge and New Orleans next week about the new pharmacy benefit available through the ...
A complete picture of SUNO’s graduation rate needed, again
This past week MSN.com posted its ranking of the eleven 4-year colleges and universities in the United States with the lowest graduation rates. Southern University at New Orleans posted ...
Juneteenth article misrepresents purpose and passion
We recently read the article entitled, “New Orleans June­teenth” featured in the June 9 issue of The Louisiana Weekly. To our surprise, the article implied a lack of community ...
Coming together to reprioritize military spending
The two states we serve are connected by the Mississippi River – start to end. When we met at a conference in Washington, D.C., we found we have much more ...
Paycheck fairness is a family issue
This week we had a setback for Louisiana families in the U.S. Senate. The Paycheck Fairness Act — which would have helped working women in Louisiana and around the country ...
Re: What’s wrong with the word ‘Negro’?
The guy who wrote the letter saying that he still calls us “Negroes” displays amazing ignorance and insensitivity. First of all he ignores the principle or the right of a ...
Vaccinations by pharmacists
It has become commonplace to receive an annual flue vaccination at the local pharmacy. That’s a good thing because pharmacies can be a low-cost, convenient way to get this kind ...
The greatest good for the greatest number
As I sit at the computer trying to complete my 2011 federal tax forms I find myself getting more and more angry. I realize that in order to limit the ...

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