Online colleges flunk common sense

By Julianne Malveaux NNPA Columnist The most common model of college attendance is that a young person who graduates from high school and heads directly

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What if Pres. Obama had employed his own ‘Southern strategy’?

By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III TriceEdneyWire.com Columnist “Because what we must now ask ourselves is when we become equal American citizens what will be

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Closer to the finish line
By Marian Wright Edelman NNPA Columnist With opportunity gaps widening for poor children and children of color, new guidance from the Office for Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Education ...
Ebola: A long and ugly tradition of treating Africans as savages
By Lekan Oguntoyinbo NNPA Columnist Of the nearly 10,000 people who have been infected by the Ebola virus, fewer than 20 have been outside of the African continent.
Macy’s model of fairness
By Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. NNPA Columnist I am always on the alert to make sure that Black Americans are treated fairly and justly. No, I do not go around ...
Face the truth and honor it!
By Dr. E. Faye Williams TriceEdneyWire.com Columnist Anyone unwilling to face the fact that RACE is the 2000-lb. gorilla in the room of America’s psyche is either a fool or ...
Feast or famine
By Edmund W. Lewis Editor There’s a lot of change and social and economic upheaval going on in the southeast Louisiana region these days. On one hand, things are looking up. For the ...
Blame a Black man – The Ebola version
By Lee A. Daniels NNPA Columnist In a country of 310 million people in which international and domestic airlines move millions of Americans and foreign nationals from one place to another every ...
U.S. trails more than 100 countries in voter turnout
By George E. Curry NNPA Columnist Lost in the frenzy to erect barriers to voting, including reducing the hours available for early voting and imposing strict voter ID requirements, is the ...
Where are the Black science laureates?
By Lekan Oguntoyinbo NNPA Columnist Each October, I look forward to reading about the uncanny accomplishments of Nobel Prize winners, particularly those in medicine, science and economics. Their stories are parables ...

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