Don’t mess with CHIP’s success

By Marian Wright Edelman NNPA Columnist “If I could sit down for freedom, you can stand up for children.” – Mrs. Rosa Parks 1996 Stand

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An Open Letter to Archbishop Aymond

His Eminence: Thank you for your October 31, 2013 response to my October 24, 2013 e-mail responding to your request for us (as Catholics) to

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Policing the police
By Edmund W. Lewis Editor The more I watch the evening news, the more I understand why people burn down buildings, loot businesses and throw rocks at police.
Countering voter suppression moves
By Julianne Malveaux NNPA Columnist The Supreme Court recently blocked an appeals court ruling that would have restored seven days of voting in Ohio. In just three sentences, the court reduced ...
Two faces of racism
By Lee A. Daniels NNPA Columnist What was Alessandra Stanley, the longtime television critic of the New York Times, thinking that caused her in that now-infamous article to mis-label Shonda Rhimes, ...
No coward on race
By George E. Curry NNPA Columnist After being confirmed as the nation’s first African American U.S. attorney general, Eric H. Holder, Jr. wasted little time putting everyone on notice that he ...
Holder was our firewall against GOP bigotry
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson New America Media Columnist One of the most poignant moments in Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.’s six-year tenure heading the Justice Department came in February 2009 barely a ...
Eric Holder stood tall for justice
By Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. NNPA Columnist Black American leadership too often is taken for granted. Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation from office not because of malfeasance or wrong ...
Decriminalizing school discipline
By Marian Wright Edelman NNPA Columnist The purpose of public schools is to educate not exclude children, and to help identify and meet child needs, not make children serve adult convenience, ...
Burn, Hollywood, burn
By Edmund W. Lewis Editor With so many television industry executives, producers and workers defecting to New Orleans, it remains to be seen how New Orleans’ new role as the indubitable ...

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