Our future is on the ballot in this election year

By Elijah Cummings Guest Columnist As I consider the consequences for our future during this critical election year, it is no overstatement to observe that

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Wage inequality greater for La. women than in other states

By Della Hasselle Contributing Writer When a woman goes to work in Louisiana, she probably makes less money than a man does – by a

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The poor face housing crisis
By Marian Wright Edelman George Curry Media Columnist “I was in Newark and Harlem this week and I walked into the homes of welfare mothers. I saw them in conditions - no, ...
The Clinton crime bill in context
By Julianne Malveaux TriceEdneyWire.com Columnist Former President William Jefferson Clinton mixed it up with Black Lives Matter activists as he defended his Presidency, and his 1994 crime bill, when he was campaigning ...
U.S. banks shortchange justice
By George E. Curry George Curry Media Columnist While our attention was focused last week on Bill Clinton becoming unhinged while defending his indefensible crime bill and insulting the Black Lives Matter ...
Black lives and drug addiction
By. Rev. Susan K. Smith George Curry Media Columnist I find it difficult to listen to all of the outpouring of concern for the phenomenon of opiate drug addiction, with politicians ...
Voting is key to education reform
Education – the answer to many of the problems ailing our country — is getting the least amount of attention from the candidates on the presidential campaign trail.
Broken city, broken promises
By Edmund W. Lewis Editor When New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton said after the death of former Saint Will Smith that New Orleans is a “broken city,” it struck ...
Healthcare should not be a bargaining chip
As a graduating senior at LSU, my final year as a Child and Family Studies major is not without its thought-provoking subject matter, yet I find the most enlightening lessons ...
How Jindal’s voucher program is like the Tuskegee syphilis experiments
By Michael Holzman Guest Columnist Experiment: Take state tax-payers’ money and give it to failing private schools. Then fill those schools with poor Black children. Procedure: Observe, but do not intervene. Let nature ...

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