The transformative legacy of MLK Jr.

By Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. NNPA News Wire Columnist There is no debate concerning the irrefutable fact that The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Comfort or justice?

By Julianne Malveaux NNPA Columnist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once wrote, “It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me,

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Keeping the faith for African-American males
By James Ewers Guest Columnist The year 2015 was a challenging one for African-American males. We were shot, killed and seriously injured at record rates according to some reports.
Resurrecting families
By Edmund W. Lewis Editor Monday, January 17, marks the day set aside this year for the nation to pay tribute to one of America’s most compassionate drum majors for justice. Oftentimes, ...
Black women of the year
By Dr. E. Faye Williams TriceEdneyWire.com Columnist As the leader of a national women’s organization, there are only rare moments each year when I don’t view the world without considering ...
‘Tis the season of inequality
By Julianne Malveaux NNPA Columnist In progressive policy circles, and during the Democratic presidential debates, people are talking about income inequality. Though this phenomenon has always been with us, the ...
Black men need to speak out against Donald Trump
By Frederick H. Lowe Guest Columnist Black men cannot stand idly by as Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president, advocates shutting U.S. borders to Muslims because they may be terrorists or ...
Racism and bigotry is doing well in the Republican Party
As the 2016 election heats up, there is something wrong in a party when the candidates don’t want to operate with political correctness. In this election cycle, the Republican candidates ...
Shift attention from insults to substance
By George E. Curry George Curry Media Columnist In politics, 2015 was the year of insults for those seeking the Republican nomination for president. And Donald Trump was the undisputed Insulter-in-Chief. Among ...
Open expressions of racism
By Bill Fletcher, Jr. NNPA News Wire Columnist The other day a friend of mine, after hearing the latest rants by Presidential candidate Donald Trump, asked whether we are better off with ...

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