Immigration executive order hits ‘speed bump’ say proponents

By Mason Harrison Contributing Writer Three months after President Barack Obama announced the expansion of federal authority to stave off deportations for millions of undocumented

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Is Retired Lt. General Russel Honoré running for governor?

By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Right now Jay Dardenne and John Young fight the whisper game. They both battle those unnamed “experts” who mutter with

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Pres. Obama’s ratings are up
President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech has boosted his popularity. President Barack Obama received a 50 percent job-approval rating, following his State of the Union address this month, but ...
La. budget woes could pit SUNO against Hollywood South
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer In 2015, Louisiana faces a looming $1 billion deficit. With a budgetary situation this bad, fiscal reform advocates wonder if the window has finally opened to radically ...
Vitter’s gubernatorial fundraiser gives Dardenne heartburn
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer With just one year left in the administration of Bobby Jindal, one would have thought the big political news of the week would have been the ...
The content of Steve Scalise’s character
By Lee A. Daniels NNPA Columnist There they go again! Just as the Republican Party is poised to take control of Congress, a key official’s actions and words remind us – just ...
Top 10 Louisiana political stories of 2014
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer 1. Mitch Landrieu won reelection as Mayor, but African-Americans reclaimed significant offices in Orleans, from judgeships to council seats. Even the legendary Jackie Clarkson could not maintain ...
Why Democrats shouldn’t dump the South
By Chris Kromm Contributing Writer (Special from Facing South) – The Democratic Party’s dismal showing in the 2014 elections caused progressives and the party faithful to look for answers, or at least ...
LSU law professor/attorney seeks La. Secretary of State post
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Former Louisiana Secretary of State Jim Brown observed that he entered the office with $500,000 of campaign debt—which he only paid off eight years later upon running ...
Congressman G.K. Butterfield elected new Black Caucus chair
By James Wright Contributing Writer (Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Afro American Newspaper) – The members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) recently voted a former North ...

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