David Duke’s candidacy could swing majority in U.S. Senate to Democrats

By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer National Democratic attention focused on Louisiana two weeks ago as Sen. Tim Kaine attended a local foodies fundraiser at $15,000

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Could Duke put La. in the win column for Clinton?

By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer The entrance of the former KKK Grand Wizard in the Louisiana U.S. Senate race creates a tantalizing possibility for the

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Trump could cause all-Demo La. Sen. runoff; June 7 Ca. primary is warning for La.’s GOP
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer “Vote for the crook, it’s important!” Louisianans remember ‘the election from hell’ through this simple quote. In 1987, the much adjudicated Edwin Edwards faced ...
Donald Trump: A clear and present danger
By Lee A. Daniels George Curry Media Columnist The danger that Donald Trump, practitioner of questionable business practices, inveterate bully, racist, sexist, demagogue and the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee ...
A second special session: Business or gas tax hike?
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer A Special Session to raise taxes has never looked more likely, as of Thursday, May 25, 2016, when the Senate Finance Committee was advised by Gov. John ...
Legislators defy House leader and governor and passes a compromise state budget
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer In a dramatic, late-night showdown that stretched past 9 p.m. on May 12, the Louisiana House of Representatives defied both Gov. John Bel Edwards and the ...
In Red Louisiana, can two Democrats make runoff for Vitter’s Senate
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer The Senate race to replace the retiring David Vitter may be producing so many viable candidates, Republican Louisiana could, in fact, elect two Democrats to the December ...
After caving in to business lobbyists in Special Session, legislators pit educational institutions against one another
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Throughout the 2015 state election season, the Editorial Board of The Louisiana Weekly asked each and every candidate seeking our endorsement, “If it came down to a ...
GOP delegate says what would happen at brokered convention
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Despite the New York billionaire’s recent slew of victories, a senior La. Republican argues that Donald Trump will not be the GOP nominee — if he fails ...
The close of La. Special Session ruled by deception, and confusion, says local Senator
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer According to Democratic State Senator J.P. Morrell, a lot of rural Republicans were duped into voting for the final tax deal closing the 2016 special session.

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