Louisiana’s legislators SAVEs Jindal’s presidental aspirations

By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer The 2015 Regular Session clos­ed at 6 p.m. on Thursday June 11 with Louisiana legislators adopting a complicated ‘paper fiction’

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Former La. governor is less than optimistic over Jindal’s chances of winning presidency

By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Appearing on WBOK 1230 AM’s Inside City Hall program, former Gov. Kathleen Blanco noted of her successor’s Presidential ambitions, “Well

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Rep. Bishop enters race to replace Sen. Ed Murray
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer The race to replace the term-limited Ed Murray in Orleans’ District 4 State Senate seat drew a high profile frontrunner last week, State Rep. Wesley Bishop. He ...
Jindal gets only one LA vote for president
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Despite so many trips to Iowa it often appeared that Bobby Jindal had chosen to be governor of the Hawkeye State rather than the Pelican, a poll ...
La. Legislative veto session likely
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer While national media attention focused on Governor Jindal’s executive order allowing Christ­ian-owned businesses to refuse to cater to gay marriages, despite the House Civil Law & Procedure ...
HB 707 causes controversy, displays Jindal’s hypocrisy
By Mason Harrison Contributing Writer The debate over religious freedom laws made its way to Louisiana this spring after a state lawmaker introduced House Bill 707, the Marriage and Conscience Act, that ...
Cynthia Lee-Sheng seeks Jefferson Council At-Large seat
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer The daughter of the late Jefferson Sheriff Harry Lee announced two months ago that she plans to seek promotion to the At-Large Jefferson Council seat vacated by ...
Our recommendations for the May 2 Millage Elections
Jazz Fest is on, and springtime brings many distractions. It is easy to forget to vote. Our editors have railed at the practice of scheduling property tax elections on ...
Constitutional amendment hopes to give voters right to end dedications
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Facing a $1.6 billion deficit, JP Morrell is attempting to pass legislation, which many consider an impossible feat, but yet he might just succeed. As the legislative ...
East Jeff MDs to oppose Lagasse
By Christopher Tidmore Continuing Writer Logically Elton Lagasse should be the frontrunner for Jefferson Parish President. As a past school board member, former schools superintendent, longtime District 5 Councilmember, and current Councilman ...

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