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Cupid releases ‘I Do’ in honor of Breast cancer patients and survivors

22nd October 2012   ·   0 Comments

By Howard J. Castay, cash loans danville va Jr.
Contributing Writer

Louisiana’s god of love is releasing a second single off his latest album—Feel Good Music—to call awareness to the one of the most damaging diseases to women— breast cancer.

Cupid’s, “I Do” is the heart yearning cry of a man who is so crazy in love, he can’t stand to face life unless he fills his heart with a woman who has encapsulated more than his affection.


The man, trying and struggling to explain how he feels, reaches for somebody, anyone who can remotely come close to what he is feeling, while all the while asking the lady of his dreams for her forgiveness, because he can’t get her out of his head. And also, begging for her forgiveness, because society says he can’t have her.

As the song moves with lines like, “I’m not supposed to miss you, forgive me,” or “I feel like I can’t be without you, forgive me,”,with a gentle beat, one can’t help feel the pain of what the guy, crazy in love is going through.

“Ladies who have this disease need love from a man, because his love can conquer their obstacle,” says Cupid.

“This disease, for the most part, is genetically inherited, so it’s not her fault. And her man needs easy way to take out a loan to tell her that, as she goes through the process and the recovery.”

“Some men have divorced their wives because of this disease. Others have left their girlfriends, saying ‘She is sickly. Why would I want to be with her?’ Well to me, that’s wrong.”

“A man is supposed to be with his lady, through thick, and thin.”

“I wrote “I do” because I wanted to deliver a song that showed you can love through any disease. Love can get you through anything.”

The song is available on iTunes. The video can be viewed on You Tube.

Fresh off the music competition show “The Voice,” Cupid boasts that he is the “Flag flier of feel good music.”

“Win? I never thought I would win that competition. I went on “The Voice” for one reason — national exposure to the largest audience I have ever sung in front of.”

“‘The Voice’ was a media opportunity for me. All the time, people call me a rapper, or say that I am a rapper, and I’m not. This was an opportunity for me to go out there and sing a song.”

“And so I sang my number one ‘hit — The Cupid Shuffle’. That’s who I am, and I have no top Raleigh cash advance regrets whatsoever in singing it. So what if the judges didn’t turn their chairs around. I know who I am, and why I am here on this earth, and who put me here in the first place.”

A Lafayette native, Cupid, born Bryson Bernard, said he thought he was going to end up playing professional football, while on the team at Northside High School.

The name Cupid stuck on Bryson during college.

“There was a song by the group 112 called “Cupid.” I liked it so much, I started singing it on campus. Eventually, everybody began saying, ‘There goes that boy Cupid’, so the name stuck.”

His first hit was called “Baby, Do Your Thing”, in 1997.

But his biggest hit so far, which peaked at number 19 on Billboard’s Hot R & B/Hip-Hop Songs and stayed there just shy of two weeks, was “The Cupid Shuffle.” The song also peaked at number 66 on Billboard’s Hot 100, and it peaked at 86 on Billboard’s Pop 100.

“We released that song in 2007, and never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become the entertaining, wholesome fun-loving joint that it has.”

This article was originally published in the October 22, 2012 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper

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