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Family of slain NOPD officer still waiting for justice

19th December 2016   ·   0 Comments

Several days after an Orleans Parish jury convicted Cardell Hayes of manslaughter in the death of former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith, the family of a beloved NOPD officer who was slain 10 months before Smith was gunned down was wondering how much longer it will have to wait to secure justice for the death of NOPD Officer Daryle Holloway.

Holloway was slain last year by a handcuffed suspect who somehow managed to secure a gun and fatally shoot the officer, who was in the process of transporting him to jail.

FOX 8 News reported last week that Travis Boys, 33, made his first appearance before a Magistrate judge Sunday afternoon just nine hours after his time on the run came to an end. There are still many unanswered questions, including why Boys had two guns on him while in police custody.

After being treated at Interim LSU Hospital for exhaustion, officers carried Travis Boys by the limbs into Orleans Parish Prison.

For many in New Orleans the case underscored how much work remains to be done in reforming the embattled police department, which began implementing a federally mandated consent decree in August 2013. In the wake of the shooting, two officers came under fire, one for discarding evidence in the case and another for allegedly assisting the suspect in his efforts to flee authorities.

Although Holloway was murdered 10 months before Will Smith, his alleged killer has still not gone to trial.

“All of these are of the funeral,” Orlanda Holloway told FOX 8 News, referring to a book of photos.

Family members say Holloway was killed on duty while protecting the city he loved.

“He put his life on the line every time he went to work,” Orlanda Holloway said.

Eighteen months after Officer Daryle Holloway was murdered, Travis Boys, his alleged killer, still awaits trial.

“The saying ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ is true,” Orlanda Holloway said.

She told FOX 8 that she can’t understand why her son’s case hasn’t been tried, even Smith.

“This did not sit well with me, and it goes on with the big write up,” she said.

Orlanda Holloway is angry over news accounts of the Smith trial, at which several high-profile Saints and former players made appearances.

“It’s almost implying that unless you have celebrity status, we will get to you when we get to you,” she said.

The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office gave a statement, saying, “The office possesses sympathy for Officer Holloway’s mother.” It goes on to say, “Time is the enemy of the prosecutor. As such, we would welcome it if the court would set a prompt trial date.” In this case, the D.A. said, “The defendant has filed numerous discovery motions” and he has had “three separate sets of attorneys.”

“I just feel like the time needs to come where let’s everyone do something,” Orlanda Holloway said.

While many considered Will Smith a football hero, Mrs. Holloway said her son was a hero, too — a 22-year veteran NOPD officer who helped evacuate Charity Hospital where she was an emergency room director during Katrina.

“He was there the whole time, helping patrol and move critical-care patients from the 12th floor down,” she said.

Daryle Holloway’s picture looms over her living room, and she’s devoted an entire room to his awards. The holidays are especially tough. Daryle, a father of three, would’ve turned 46 this past Saturday.

“I miss now, Christmas. He arranged to be off Christmas, that was his time with his kids,” Orlanda Holloway said.

She now enters the holidays, feeling empty.

“I don’t mean to take anything away from Will Smith’s wife and her family – she’s seen justice for herself and her kids,” she said.

She’s hoping the new year brings her and the family of a slain police hero similar closure.

The D.A.’s statement also said, “It is inappropriate to compare this case to the case against Cardell Hayes – a case in which the prosecution, the defense, and the court pushed for a quick resolution. The case against Travis Boys is a capital murder case that is approximately 18-months old.”

D.A. spokesman Chris Bowman told FOX 9 News that his office has not asked for a single delay in the case against Boys, who is now being held without bond at Angola.

Boys allegedly killed Officer Holloway while being transported to jail back in April of 2015. He faces several charges, including first-degree murder of a policeman, aggravated escape, illegal carrying of a weapon and illegal possession of stolen things.

Although Officer Holloway’s case has not yet made its way to criminal court, the New Orleans native has been honored by friends, former classmates and elected officials in a number of ways. Social aid and pleasure clubs have dedicated second lines and other events to the fallen officer, community-based groups he supported as a member of the community and an officer have paused during a number of events including holiday sporting events to reflect on his legacy and a local post office has been renamed in his honor.

The year 2015 was hard on the local law enforcement community with several officers being fatally shot, several officers dying from traffic accidents and the loved ones of several law enforcement officers being murdered.

In addition to being decorated police officer, Daryle Holloway was a longtime friend of NOPD Supt. Michael Harrison.

This article originally published in the December 19, 2016 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper.

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