OPSB wants someone to take over the building housing Mahalia Jackson

By Marta Jewson The Lens The Orleans Parish School Board is searching for someone to operate the Central City facility that houses Mahalia Jackson Elementary

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Kirsten Brown, Class of 2019 at Benjamin Franklin High School, kicks the ball during Franklin's victory against Haynes Academy.

High schooler taking a kick at gender norms

By Deja Dennis Contributing Writer Right foot aligned with the tee, heart beginning to pound, two steps back, two steps to the side: breathe and

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Scores of children at risk of losing healthcare coverage
By Della Hasselle Contributing Writer Congress has missed a deadline to reauthorize a federal program designed to provide health coverage for nine million children nationwide. Federal lawmakers failed to reauthorize the Children’s Health ...
9th Ward residents want city leaders to fight blight
By C.C. Campbell-Rock Contributing Writer Ninth Ward residents say enough is enough. From possums to snakes to rats and raccoons to robbers, they are battling pests, as a consequence of overgrown lots ...
NOPD gets mixed reviews in new survey
Fewer residents are satisfied with the New Orleans Police Department overall but more feel safer in their own neighborhood, according to a new survey conducted by WWL-TV and The New ...
Former congressman gets reprieve
Former U.S. Congressman William Jefferson, D-Louisiana, is getting out of prison and his family is elated, his brother told FOX 8 News last week.
Endorsements for the October 14 Election
The next Mayor of New Orleans will arguably set the course of the Crescent City for the next two generations. As we exit the era of post-Katrina recovery, we enter ...
Are shipping containers to landscape Claiborne Ave.?
Containers to create business spaces for the corridor
By Fritz Esker Contributing Writer Plans are underway to use shipping containers to bring new economic and cultural life to Claiborne Avenue under the interstate.
New Orleans continues to examine fairness in contracting
By Fritz Esker Contributing Writer The City of New Orleans is trying to figure where it falls short in awarding contracts to women- and minority-owned businesses. Soon, it will be one step ...
Advocates believe Louisiana’s voting rights have been under attack
By C.C. Campbell-Rock Contributing Writer The U.S. courts are full of lawsuits challenging slick techniques by elected officials, like gerrymandering and state laws, designed to dilute the voting power of people of ...

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