Black Lives Matter: 2015 was a year of anger, activism and action

By Starla Muhammad and Charlene Muhammad Contributing Writers (Special from The Final Call) – After a year of young people leading angry street protests in

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Surprise victory by New Iberian leaves NOLA without a Speaker

By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Mr. Madison would be proud, but the defeat of a candidate for Speaker from New Orleans in the Louisiana House

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Putting a price tag on gun violence
By Della Hasselle Contributing Writer Just days before President Barack Obama made an emotional speech calling for more restrictive background checks for firearm purchases, the New Orleans Police Department announced the ...
Philippines offers 8 bases to U.S., including Clark, Basa, and Lumbia
WASHINGTON (Special from and New America Media) — Top diplomats and defense officials of the United States and the Philippines met on Tuesday to discuss arrangements for expanded ...
Orleans Rep. elected to lead state’s Black Caucus
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Louisiana’s Legislative Black Caucus is usually chaired by a veteran legislator who has occupied his seat in the House or Senate (often in both) for many years. ...
Events planned to honor MLK Jr.
A full slate of activities have been planned throughout Greater New Orleans to mark the annual observance of the Martin Luther King Jr, National Holiday.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., surrounded by other civil rights leaders and aides leaves the West Wing after a meeting with President Lyndon B. Johnson on Aug. 5, 1965, in preparation for Johnson’s signing of the Voting Rights Act the next day. King then led the movement toward economic justice, but assassination took his life. Photo courtesy of National Archive and Records Administration/
Dr. King’s principles and voice will guide America for generations to come, according to experts
By Hazel Trice Edney Contributing Writer ( — On March 25, 1968, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, among the leading theologians and Jewish philosophers of the 20th century, spoke what many historians believe ...
Canada says no to Black man seeking asylum because of racism
( – Kyle Canty, a U.S. citizen, dressed up in his finest clothes, and walked into the Canadian courthouse; ready and willing to plead his case that if he stayed ...
Death threats cause contractor to walk away from statue removal project
A city attorney told a federal judge Thursday that death threats have prompted a contractor hired by the City of New Orleans to remove three monuments honoring Confederate leaders and ...
TEDN legal team ramps up federal court battle over racist monuments
By C.C. Campbell-Rock Contributing Writer Take Em Down NOLA (TEDN), the multiracial coalition working to bring down statues dedicated to white supremacy, has been joined by a cadre of lawyers, that will ...

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