Seniors working hard for their money: 10M, many ethnic, in tough jobs

By Paul Kleyman Contributing Writer (Special from New America Media) – A new study estimates that “10.2 million workers ages 58 and older (43.8 percent)

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Rep. Norton seeks to reduce Black youth unemployment

By Stacy M. Brown Contributing Writer (Special from The Washington Informer) – The employment picture remains grim for teenagers and young adults and the U.S.

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Florida leads the nation for identify theft
By Andrea Robinson Contributing Writer (Special from The Miami Times and New America Media) – The phone rings, and on the other end is an IRS agent who menacingly warns that the ...
FDIC deserves applause, not criticism
By Charlene Crowell Contributing Writer (NNPA) – Every tax season, consumers across the country hope that when their returns are completed a refund will soon be on the way. Consumers that qualify ...
State attorneys general, FTC challenge for-profit colleges on jobs and earnings
By Charlene Crowell Contributing Writer (NNPA) – Although the former Corinthian Colleges, once one of the nation’s largest for-profit colleges, closed its doors last year, many of the problems incurred by its ...
Labor Department fines popular boudin stop for shorting workers
By Eric Craig Contributing Writer They not only cooked boudin, but cooked the books. William “Billy” Frey, II’s boudin enterprise shorted its workers overtime pay in order to increase its profits. That’s ...
5 things you should know about the FCC’s proposed privacy rules
By Julia Angwin ProPublica Earlier this month, the Federal Communications Commission proposed new privacy rules for Internet providers. The proposal was immediately praised by privacy advocates as “a major step forward” and ...
congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), extreme right, has requested an investigation into federal government spending with Black and Hispanic-owned newspapers. At her left is Dennis Rolark Barnes, NNPA Chair and publisher of The Washington Informer.
Norton to push for investigation into feds spending with Black Press
By Barrington Salmon Contributing Writer ( – The federal government, through its various agencies, spends considerable sums of money every year on advertising and representatives from two prominent newspaper organizations are pushing ...
Auto dealers charge Blacks, Hispanics higher interest rates on loans
By Charlene Crowell Contributing Writer (NNPA News Wire) – In recent months, this column has reported on a series of settlements reached between banks and finance companies with the Consumer Financial ...
Huge ‘balance bills’ surprise patients after ER visits
By Susan Buchanan Contributing Writer Last week, state Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon said he has publicly opposed “balance billing” by hospitals during his nine years in office. To control their own costs, ...

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