Lack of resources stymies Black entrepreneurs

By Andy Henion Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) — What’s holding back African-American entrepreneurs? Centuries-old racial disadvantage not experienced by other minority groups, according

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Ursula Burns will take a new job after Xerox split

By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) — Ursula Burns, the first African-American woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company, will step

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Who owns that trademark? Names behind some words may surprise you
By Eric Easter Contributing Writer (Special from Urban News Service) – When he died, the rock star, Prince, left not only a vault containing a treasure trove of music and videos. He ...
African-American men returned to the job market in April
By Freddie Allen Contributing Writer (NNPA News Wire National News) – The Black unemployment rate ticked down from 8.9 percent in March to 8.8 percent in April and Black men showed gains ...
High jobless rate for Black college graduates
By Frederick H. Lowe Contributing Writer (Special from NorthStarNews Today) – For too many Black college graduates, it’s congratulations for a job well done and welcome to the unemployment line because ...
Consumers lose $8B in fees each year with payday and car-title loans
New research from the Center for Responsible Lending finds that every year, $8 billion in fees is lost to one of two types of small-dollar, predatory lending: payday and car-title ...
The Mott Haven Houses in New York City. More than 10,000 units managed by the city's housing authority are occupied by residents whose earnings exceed eligibility limits.
Thousands of rich Americans live in taxpayer-subsidized public housing
By Drew Johnson Contributing Writer (Special from Urban News Service/NNPA) – Tens of thousands of high-income Americans live in low-income housing, according to a federal audit.
Companies pay out millions in settlements as discrimination lingers
By Charlene Crowell Contributing Writer (NNPA News Wire) – As a country, America has historically short-changed its people of color in virtually every dimension of life: education, employment, housing, public accommodations ...
Jobless rate for Black men jumps in April
(Special from NorthStarNews Today) – April’s unemployment rate for Black men 20 years old and older jumped to 9.5 percent from 8.7 percent in March, but the reasons for the ...
DJ Chicken
Making the music spin in New Orleans
[caption id="attachment_22146" align="aligncenter" width="600"] DJ Chicken[/caption] By Michael Patrick Welch Contributing Writer Part one of The Louisiana Weekly’s series on famous, Black New Orleans DJs looked at the careers and accomplishments of deceased ...

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