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The Hard Truth… Black pimps & Negro prostitutes

12th August 2013   ·   0 Comments

By Min. J. Kojo Livingston
Contributing Writer

You can say the right thing for the wrong reason.

Every time a civil rights leader comes out against a racist injustice some white person accuses them of “pimping” the Black community. Their words are not always wrong, however their intentions are always to pull our attention away from the wrong some white person or group has done. It is important to understand that to racists/conservatives there is nothing…and I do mean NOTHING bad that a white person can do to a Black person that is worth getting upset about.

Their basic philosophy is that we should either ignore or peacefully accept any abuse that come against us. Or to quote a famous court ruling, “A Black man has no rights that a white man is bound to respect.”

When an offense happens, racist/conservative strategy is to either deny that it happened, deny that it is important, blame/defame the character of the victim or to deflect attention to something “more important.” And there’s always something “more important” than whatever wrong may have happened to us.

Please understand, there are NO limitations on this policy. If a white man walks into a nursery and attacks several sleeping Black babies, white conservatives/racists would not only NOT be outraged, angry or sympathetic toward the victims (a normal human response), they would immediately seek ways to defend the attacker. They would lie and blame the babies for their own demise (“They had it coming!)”. Or blame the nursery for provoking him. Or blame their parents for having them. Or claim it’s not as bad as what some Black person did somewhere in the past. Or better yet, blame Obama. Once they came up with a good lie, all the conservative/racist talking heads would jump on that bandwagon and start spitting the same garbage. There is no integrity, ethics, compassion, justice, or honor in their game, just white supremacy.

To support this strategy, white supremacists (and their Black servants) attack anyone who comes to the aid or defense of any Black victim of white supremacy. Now, just as in the fifties and sixties they trot out their Black faces to declare that everything is okay and that the only problem is us. So racists/conservatives and their Black lackeys accuse all Black activists of being pimps who use the suffering of their people to feather their own nests.

Of course the members of the “Tom Squad” never acknowledge that they themselves are prostitutes…for white people. Whenever a George Zimmerman, or a Paula Deen or a Don Imus, attacks Black people these guys are called out to “strut their stuff” like cheap hookers on the block, wearing bikinis and high heels in sub-zero weather. They do their “media massage”, get their money and then fade into the background until they are needed to “drop ‘em” again.

And like their masters, there is nothing, and I do mean nothing a white person can do to Black people that will offend them. As far as they are concerned “marsa” is always right. Some of these idiots actually joined in the character assassination of Trayvon Martin, helping to add insult to murder. They provided racists with immense (and likely intense), gratification by truly showing their masters just “how low they would go”. An innocent young man, who is doing no wrong, is stalked and killed and all they can think about is how to defend the white man.

You don’t often see these people doing much to advance Black people. They are usually too busy giving “political pleasure” to white people. Some of them that do get involved in the community are pretty scary. They actually run programs to teach young Blacks to be like them, a “School for Toms” or “Lackey Class” designed to produce a new stable of ethnic “escorts” for white causes.

As I said in a previous article, the fiscal benefits of “socially satisfying” racists are enormous. To their ilk, the speaking engagements and donations alone make it worth the personal degradation. But they won’t hesitate to give a “free one” when called to perform. They are a willing tool in the oppression of their own people.

The real issue is accountability. Neither our “leaders” nor conservative coon concubines are accountable to our community. Why? Because we have not been “intentional” about creating accountability. We have no structures designed to enforce this concept, no classes or media that teaches the value or the methodology. It is not a value to us because we lack a common game plan, values or standards to hold anyone accountable to.

If we are to move past the day when people can sell us out, from the left or from the right, we have to get clear on where we are going, what we want, and how we are going to achieve these goals. Doing this for every block, every community, every city, state and region will force us to develop a variety of creative means for holding accountable anyone and everyone who claims to represent us.

This type of long-term planning and building will ensure that we are further ahead 50 years from now than we are today. A side benefit is that it will cause our enemies, even those who hate us the most, to respect us enough to think twice before attacking us on any level.

This is why Liberation Zone/­Destiny One Ministries is calling for a second Gathering next year to resume the process of long-term strategic planning for total Black Liberation. More details next time.

But until then, like the blistering summer heat, a question lingers in the air…

…Whatchagonna DO?

This article originally published in the August 12, 2013 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper.

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