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The Hard Truth: Lesson/Reminder from Boston

29th April 2013   ·   0 Comments

By Min. J. Kojo Livingston
Contributing Writer

Just as 9/11 changed air travel, the Boston bombing will likely change the face of mass events. The terrible losses of such an event should touch us all as human beings. The bombing and how it was handled should cause us to seek lessons that we can apply in the future. Here are some of the lessons I believe came forth.

1.TERRORISM HAS WON. Actually it’s the fear of terror that the terrorist and whoever is behind them has already won. They didn’t win in Boston; they won in New York on 9/11. A major objective of terrorism is to destroy the way of life of their enemies. Whether you are left, right, center or don’t give a damn, your life has been changed by the WTC bombings. Your government has taken advantage of the tragedy to neutralize your rights. The way it works is that fear is used to get you to willingly relinquish your civil liberties. Fear causes you to accept lies, mistreatment and abuse. Fear is the easiest way to control a population. This is a very different nation from whatever you pledged your allegiance to.

2. LOOK BOTH WAYS. The movie “Lucky Slevin” features a hustle/con called the Kansas City Shuffle, where you move to the right while everyone is looking left. While you were watching the door-to-door search, the House of Representatives was passing the controversial CISPA Act that allows increased warrantless internet eavesdropping, and violations of what used to be your right to privacy.

3. THE GOVERNMENT IS A SUSPECT. Twenty years ago millions of people would not have believed that such a thing as a “false flag” operation even existed. Now when something like Boston happens many ordinary people have to wonder whether their own government could have been behind it. The credibility of this government is that bad.

4. MIRANDA MY ASS. Miranda is dead. When the feds told the world that Tsarnaev’s Miranda rights were being suspended until after they “talked to him” they were sending a message. A 16- hour interrogation took place before he was allowed his rights or an attorney. Many will applaud this action as pure common sense…until it’s their turn. This is not just a slippery slope but a declaration of war on your civil liberties. Tsarnaev’s rights were suspended in the name of “public safety.” How many laws can you name that DON’T have to do with public safety? Jaywalking is a public safety law.

5. THE “BIG LIE” STILL WORKS. The demonization of Muslims is virtually an industry of its own. Folks readily forget that the Church and Christians in general have a higher body count than any other religion on earth…and the Christian record of murder, exploitation and oppression spans both hemispheres. They also forget that it was this nation (and a couple of buddies) that got the whole Middle East conflict started in 1948.

6. PREPARE FOR MARTIAL LAW. The people in Boston were on lockdown for five days. That meant you could not leave your home or wherever you happened to be when the lockdown was declared. I believe this was a dry-run to see how much the people would accept in the name of fear. I’m sure someone is pleased with the results.

Whether you intend to resist or submit to a lockdown or other features of martial law, the reality is that you should be prepared. For those who would resist there is not much I could legally say that would not bring undo attention to this fine paper.

If you do plan to submit to a lockdown, and most will, then what will you eat if you can’t leave home for five days? Got enough cabbage in that garden to last a few days? Or enough canned peas or dry beans in that cupboard? How ‘bout toilet tissue?

And what will you do if a utility, any utility, is cut off in the name of safety/fear for a few days?

If they “pull a Boston” and shut down cell phones in your area, do you have an alternative way to check on or communicate with loved ones?

Just twenty years ago these questions would have seemed silly to most people, but this is now. People in Boston had to answer those questions last week.

In this year, 2013, it would be a very good idea to get yourself prepared for whatever may come……And That’s the Hard Truth!!!

This article originally published in the April 29, 2013 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper.

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