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The New Council Ordinance

9th January 2012   ·   0 Comments

U.S. Constitution Prohibits Bills of Attainder. To fully grasp the scope of the intent of this U.S. Constitutional Provision, Art. I- Sect. 9.1, a summary of Federalist Paper #44- James Madison, it’s founding advocate, is included. Be sure to read what Madison said about laws imposed on an uneducated unsuspecting public for the benefit of a few. This is exactly why laws must not be constructed to single out “a few” for the benefit of a narrow interest.

Also, the French Quarter is a public area supported by public tax dollars. Profiling certain individuals in subjective ways in order to support business interests, is not only Unconstitutional, but foolish and quite frankly, “DUMB,” ostentatiously discriminatory and Baroque.

The Deep South was never reconstructed following its insurrection and Civil War Treason Acts. Proposed Ordinances like the one being proposed by K. Palmer proves it. Ignorance is dangerous! Frankly, the people elected her, and this is what got elected.

Jackie Clarkson once proposed an Ex Post Facto Ordinance related to French Quarter parking meters. Remember that? Yet, the people reelected, recycled and promoted her to an At- Large council position.

When will the educated class seize control and get it in their heads, that states and municipalities are forbade to profile citizens regardless of the guise.

Sure, the Council can pass a new Slavery Act, and yes, it will stand until some literate citizens decide to challenge it. Sad thing is, you and your kids will serve slave time until its overturned, a slow legal process.

– Hal Green

This article was originally published in the January 9, 2012 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper

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