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Where on earth are your priorities

14th May 2012   ·   0 Comments

By Fr. Jerome LeDoux
Contributing Columnist

Some of you are still furious at NFL superstar Michael Vick for abusing dogs – and rightfully so. But then you spoil everything by not opposing the tens of millions of reputedly upright people who fight passionately for the right not just to maim but to use suction-aspiration, dilation and curettage (D&C), dilation and evacuation (D&E), intrauterine cranial depression — partial-birth abortion or (ICD) — or the slow torture of saline solution to kill helpless fetuses — some 55,000,000 since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

Speaking of dogs – and other pets for that matter – some among you are totally devoted to your pets and would never dream of hurting them. How, then, do you turn from adoring irrational animals to torturing and killing human fetuses who are worth infinitely more than any pet of any kind, no matter how much you are attached to them?

There are those who loudly oppose enhanced questioning techniques such as water-boarding, labeling tactics of this kind as torture. Yet, some of you loud protesters smugly espouse abortion as a humane means of terminating a pregnancy. Some of you even join the eight percent of Americans who believe partial-birth abortion is moral.

By the way, a partial-birth abortion is one “in which the person performing the abortion, deliberately and intentionally, vaginally delivers a living fetus until, in the case of a head-first presentation, the entire fetal head is outside the body of the mother, or, in the case of breech presentation, any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother, for the purpose of performing an overt act that the person knows will kill the partially-delivered living fetus; and performs the overt act, other than completion of delivery, that kills the partially-delivered living fetus.” (18 U.S. Code 1531)

In very contradictory fashion, many of you who champion the cause of the homeless, the downtrodden, the poor and the helpless, ruin your priorities by your nonchalant willingness to kill the most helpless of the helpless – human fetuses.

“I have control over my own body!” is the gauntlet thrown down by numerous females. However, our body is not our own. Paul is overwhelming in 1 Corinthians 3:16.

“Surely you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you! God will destroy anyone who destroys God’s temple; for God’s temple is holy, and you yourselves are his temple.”

And again in 1 Corinthians 6:19, “Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and who was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourselves but to God. He bought you for a price. So use your bodies for God’s glory.”

We are not allowed to mutilate even our little finger without a justifiable cause, such as the removal of cancer. Thus, following the moral principle of double effect, a mother’s life may be lawfully preserved by the excision of a cancerous womb, even though it contains a heretofore healthy fetus that will die as a side effect of the excision.

But moral priorities of many are being preempted by celebrity-level proponents of a secular progressive society that gives its blessing to secular convenience and moral situational relativism rather than to the rock-solid teachings of the Man from Galilee. We are talking about secular progressives at every level of academia and government.

Political se­cular pro­gres­sives were given their jumpstart by Presi­dent Wood­row Wilson, a feckless, avid believer in the shameless creed of Marg­aret Sanger, the creator of eugenics, who wanted a genocide-type birth control for Blacks and Orientals. Secular progressives want God out of schools, all public venues, out of the womb, out of our lives.

Beware if you are flirting with, dancing with the demon of secular progressivism. It is no accident that much of Europe is overtly secular consequent to their espousal of the godless agenda of social progressives. They are acting as if there is no God around to put the affairs of this world in order now and to deal with us and them in a life to come.

Concerning priorities, we would do well to conclude with Blaise Pascal’s wager.

The 17th-century French philosopher observed astutely that, if we bet that God exists, but discover at death that God does not exist, we have lost little. But, if we wager that God does not exist, but find finally that God does exist, we have lost everything.

This article was originally published in the May 14, 2012 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper

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