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Who’s angry now?

10th December 2012   ·   0 Comments

By Dr. E. Faye cash advance fletcher ave Williams, Esq. Columnist

Just as many African-American women have been labeled ”Angry Black Woman,” there are people who’ve tried to label our beloved President of the U.S., “Angry Black Man.” They have done so without success because no matter what label some have tried to pin on him, he has emerged victoriously, and you know that Black women have continued to achieve highly no matter what label is placed on us.

Since Michelle Obama became our First Lady and Barack Obama became our President, we have finally figured out the truth about who is really angry! It’s the “Angry White Male”! The anger is being led by Senator John McCain who cannot get over the fact that he lost the 2008 election. Senator McCain began trying to discredit then Senator Obama during the 2008 Presidential campaign. One example is the time during a debate when he referred to Mr. Obama as “that one.”

Now, Mr. McCain, with a less than stellar record, finishing near the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy, is obsessed with demeaning Dr. Susan Rice, U.N. Ambassador and Rhodes Scholar. It floors me that this Angry White Man can’t get it through his head that there are a lot of brilliant Black women and men who are far payday loans truth better educated, with a far better temperament than he has. We’ve always had brilliant Black people with talent, but not opportunity. Obviously Angry White Men never noticed. Now that we have so many brilliant Black women and men on the national and international stage, it’s hard for them not to notice and they are going crazy!

Ironically, Angry White Men have always seen and welcomed Black athletes and entertainers with little or no formal education or noteworthy experience—some of whom often ran afoul of the law. Some less than brilliant behavior included domestic violence, drug problems and other problems. They were never referred to as “Angry Black Men.”

They are celebrated as good friends.

Dick Cheney publically referred to Senator Patrick Leahy in gross terms. Pat Buchanan is a white man fired for racist rantings. A white man shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Hitler was a white man. A white man blew up the building in Oklahoma. A white man shot Dr. Martin Luther King and Medgar Evers. White men lynched many. White men beat and kicked Fannie Lou Hamer and on and on and were never referred to as “Angry White Men,” but that’s what they were. All of this anger now seems to be reserved for brilliant African-American women and men.

I’m told colleagues and staffers who’ve seen Senator McCain erupt angrily say they’re confounded by his behavior. They say they cannot explain why a former POW would work so hard to keep POW/MIA information from coming out. One veteran has said he sees McCain as “a not at peace with himself man, having a sense of disgrace.”

If you don’t understand Senator McCain’s anger/shame, read his own words in his book called Faith of My Fathers—much of which is devoted to his years as a prisoner of war where he expresses guilt and disgrace at having broken under torture and given the enemy a taped confession, broadcast over the camp loudspeakers. He said he was a war criminal who’d, among other acts, bombed a school. “I felt faithless and couldn’t control my despair,” he said, while admitting to two half-hearted attempts at suicide, as well as living in dread that his father would find out. He said, “I still wince when I recall wondering if my father had heard of my disgrace.” We have heard senator, and wonder if you and men like you are now heaping your anger on others with more stellar records?

This article was originally published in the December 10, 2012 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper

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