OPSB, RSD unification calls for reapplication for teachers

By Ryan Whirty Contributing Writer Roughly a dozen years after the Orleans Parish School Board and the state Department of Education fired thousands of teachers

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Pension board sharply reduces payments to cops injured in the line of duty

Former law enforcement officers critically wounded in the line of duty have had their lifetime pensions cut in half and are being forced to pay

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State Senators say children can be shamed for not having lunch money
By Kaylee Poche Contributing Writer (LSU Manship School News Service) — The Senate Education Committee on Thursday voted 4-2 to reject a bill that would have prevented schools from punishing students with ...
Louisiana legislators shoot down proposals to change state gun laws
The effort to change Louisiana’s gun laws is not getting a lot of support from legislators at this year’s regular session, The Associated Press reported last week.
Is tourism destroying NoLA’s neighborhoods?
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Residents complain that tourists treat New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods like an “Adult Disneyland.” Watching their “quality of life” deteriorate, many long-time African-American inhabitants of the ...
BRPD officer in Sterling case appeals three-day suspension
BRPD Officer Howie Lake II, the cop who is back at work after being handed a three–day suspension for his role in the officer-involved killing of Alton Sterling on July ...
State officials deny assessment, say they are working to prevent voting interference
By Meghan Holmes Contributing Writer The Institute for Southern Studies compiled research on states’ election security and concluded that many states, including Louisiana, urgently need to improve.
Louisiana ranks No. 1 for wage inequality
By Charmaine Jackson Contributing Writer Women who work full-time, year-round jobs in the U.S. earn $10,086 less than men, according to a new study released on April 9 for Equal Pay Day. ...
La. can’t rebuild land faster than it’s eroding, forcing tough decisions
By Della Hasselle and Travis Lux, The Lens and WWNO A new study published by researchers at Tulane University has concluded that Louisiana will not be able to ...
Lawsuits seek to block Entergy power plant in eastern New Orleans
Opponents of Entergy New Orleans’ plans to build a 128-megawatt, gas-fueled power plant in eastern New Orleans have filed a lawsuit in Civil District Court

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