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Armed robberies on the rise in New Orleans

Despite the NOPD’s efforts to get a handle on violent crime, recent numbers show that armed robberies are on the rise in the city and

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Endorsements for November 21 election

Governor: JOHN BEL EDWARDS Rep. Edwards, is a graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point. His honor was so trusted that Edwards

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NOPD woes extend beyond long wait times
NOPD officers from each of the eight police districts told earlier this month that the department is undermanned and lacks the focus it needs to improve public safety in ...
NOPD takes heat for slow response times
The undermanned New Orleans Police Department is again being criticized for slow response times to calls for assistance. Not only are NOPD response times long, but records show that those ...
Wellness Week focuses on mental health of Blacks
By Eliqua Brooks Contributing Writer Many New Orleans residents carry a heavy burden from depression 10 years after Katrina. It continues to play a huge role in the wellness of the city. ...
Our recommendations for October 24 election
Louisiana has a choice. We can elect a Governor who brings us honor, or one that carries with him national contempt upon assuming our top office.
Justice or Else: Million Man March 20 years later
Twenty years ago, an estimated million Black men and boys came to Washington, DC by plane, train, bus or automobile seeking to become better sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and grandfathers. ...
City wants to move 911 operators to state agency
By Charles Maldonado, The Lens In what city officials say is an effort to speed emergency response times, they presented the Orleans Parish Communication District’s board of commissioners last week with a ...
Raising the minimum wage has a negligible effect on jobs
By William Spriggs Contributing Writer ( — As states, cities and municipalities across the country raise wages to improve the lives of working people, it is worth highlighting how such moves affect ...
La. Weekly reaches milestone, celebrates 90th anniversary
This week The Louisiana Weekly, one of the longest-running and most widely read publications owned and operated by people of color in the Deep South, celebrates its 90th year of ...

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