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Study finds racial bias is endemic in military justice system

Black servicemen significantly more likely to be prosecuted and disciplined in all branches Protect Our Defenders (POD) released a report last Wednesday that finds significant

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Dr. Samuel Dubois Cook, former Dillard University president, dies

By James Sebastien Contributing Writer On the 29th of May, 2017, the world lost a titan in education, when Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook died at

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Trump’s embrace of voucher programs will accelerate school resegregation
By Rebekah Barber Contributing Writer (Special from Facing South) — “Segregation of children in public schools solely on the basis of race deprives children of the minority group of equal educational opportunities, ...
City meets deadline for removing four Confederate-era monuments
Just hours after a heated argument led to a violent attack on someone calling for the removal of the city’s Confederate-era monuments, the City of New Orleans took down the ...
Jeff Davis statue comes down as judge rejects effort to save Beauregard monument
After weeks of skirmishes, spirited debates and angry exchanges between protesters and Mid-City residents, patrons and motorists, the Jefferson Davis monument on Jefferson Davis Parkway was taken down overnight on ...
Racial tensions rise over Confederate monuments
More than a week after the City of New Orleans took down the Battle of Liberty Place monument in the middle of the night, racial tensions continue to rise as ...
City begins taking down monuments
With several legislators still waiting for a chance to block the removal of four Confederate-era monuments in New Orleans, the lieutenant governor hoping that President Donald Trump could keep the ...
Endorsements for the Saturday, April 29, 2017 Election
It is Spring, and distractions abound. Yet, voting next Saturday is a critical responsibility, with a key Judgeship on the ballot in Orleans, and important funding streams for ...
Dept. of Education pick to head its Civil Rights office once said she faced discrimination for being white
By Annie Waldman ProPublica The new acting head of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights once complained that she experienced discrimination because she is white.
Noted civil rights attorney, Lolis E. Elie, dies
By Michael Patrick Welch Contributing Writer Local and national Civil Rights attorney and hero Lolis Elie passed away on Tuesday afternoon, April 4, at his home in Treme. He was 87.

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