A license to kill Black men

By Lee A. Daniels NNPA Columnist From nearly the moment he was attacked by a New York City police officer July 18, the world has,

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Police shooting victims lives ‘worth’ less than a ham sandwich

By George E. Curry NNPA Columnist In Tom Wolfe’s best-selling The Bonfire of the Vanities, New York State Chief Judge Sol Wachtler famously said “a

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Black lives matter
By Edmund W. Lewis Editor I used to like NBA greats Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Sir Charles Barkley. Now, not so much. Both have made comments in the wake of the Ferguson and NYC ...
Blacks are seen as savages
By Bill Fletcher, Jr. NNPA Columnist An African-American friend of mine keeps asking, in utter amazement, how it is not obvious that there was something wrong when Officer Darren Wilson fired ...
Yes, marching still makes a difference
By Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr NNPA Columnist “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” “No Justice, No Peace,” “I Can’t Breathe” “Black Lives Matter” Those are the chants and hand-written signs that continue to characterize marches, die-ins, ...
Marion Barry should be treated like Bill Clinton
By Raynard Jackson NNPA Columnist Last week, civil rights leader and political icon Marion Barry died and barely after he had taken his last breath, the media was besmirching his reputation. Barry was ...
America on fire
By Edmund W. Lewis Editor This is not a good time to be a Black, man, woman or child in America. Not that there ever has been. It’s just that some times ...
Justified rage in Ferguson
By Walter L Fields NNPA Columnist At this moment I don’t need my president to tell me to respect the decision of a tainted grand jury. And the call for calm ...
Integrating into a burning house
By Jineea Butler NNPA Columnist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s last conversation with Harry Belafonte echoed in my head as I watched the Ferguson aftermath send the country in a tailspin:
Obama should follow Bush Sr.’s example, support federal prosecution of Ferguson cop
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson New America Media Columnist On March 22, 1991, a visibly shaken and angered President George H.W. Bush said he was sickened and “outraged” by what he saw on ...

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