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By Edmund W. Lewis Editor With NFL players and coaches thinking it is normal to use the N-word to motivate underachieving Black teammates, America making

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Court ruling against vouchers means more money for Orleans Parish schools

By Jessica Williams The Louisiana Supreme Court’s May 7 ruling against Louisiana’s method of funding private-school vouchers will cost the state $29 million, but

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HUD and VA to provide permanent homes to 175 homeless vets
By Brittany N. Odom Contributing Writer United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Veterans (VA), will provide permanent housing to approximately 175 homeless veterans in ...
State GOP chairman calls for resignation of Dem. chairwoman
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer Between the chairmen of the Louisiana Republican and Democratic Parties, the relationship throughout recent decades has been one of personal friendship, strange as that might sound. ...
Tax credit change favored by film industry could cause $22 million budget hole
By Tyler Bridges Has Louisiana’s film and television industry dodged a financial hit next year? It may, due to a subtle, but important, change to a budget bill. ...
Black students/parents rally to save vouchers
By Christopher Tidmore and Michael Patrick Welch Contributing Writers As the legislature scrabbled to restore money for some 8,000 students in danger of losing their MFP-funded scholarships to private schools, in the ...
Technology center opens in New Orleans
La. Gov. Piyush “Bobby” Jindal and GE Senior Vice President Brackett Denniston on Thursday dedicated the new GE Capital Technology Center in New Orleans. The GE Capital ...
New law would allow optometrists to operate
By J. Kojo Livingston Contributing Writer The Louisiana State Medical Society and the Louisiana Opthal­mology Association are opposing a bill that would allow optometrists to perform actual eye surgeries. Opponents ...
Controversial chained CPI appears in President’s budget proposal
By Fritz Esker Contributing Writer As the prospect of chained CPI remains a part of President Barack Obama’s budget proposal this week, the threat of reduced Social Security benefits has many Louisi­anians ...
Upcoming governor’s race, U.S. senate race intertwine
By Christopher Tidmore Contributing Writer A steady procession of politicos have been making pilgrimage to the Fifth Floor of the Baton Rouge Capital Annex. They come to court Lt. Governor Jay ...

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