Civil rights leaders accuse Vitter of ‘blatant political posturing’

By Hazel Trice Edney Contributing Writer ( — Dozens of civil rights leaders have signed a letter appealing to Republican Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) to

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Civil rights leaders upset over non-voting rights act hearing

By James Wright Contributing Writer (Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Afro American Newspaper) — Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), chairman of the

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City okays controversial changes to hiring rules
With violent crime on the rise and the number of police in New Orleans dwindling, the City of New Orleans is doing whatever it can to attract more NOPD recruits ...
CEO spurs discussions on race
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz knew that he was wading into unchartered territory when he decided to launch a series of discussions with his employees about race. USA Today reported that the ...
N.O. crime rises in all areas except murder, data shows
NOPD's ‘aorta of corruption’ still intact despite consent decree, report finds As if the rash of armed robberies and violent attacks in the French Quarter in recent months weren’t enough to ...
Rental-unit inspections, registration would be required under ordinance
By Charles Maldonado The Lens City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell says she is considering introducing an ordinance that would require many landlords to register their properties with the city and pass an inspection ...
La.’s coastal restoration efforts imperiled by Pres. Obama’s budget proposal
By Bob Marshall The Lens President Obama’s unexpected budget proposal to stop sending a portion of federal offshore mineral royalties to Gulf states could cripple Louisiana’s coastal-restoration efforts by eliminating what is ...
Stingray technology, New crime-fighting tool secretly monitors cell phones
By Marjorie R. Esman Guest Columnist The American public faces yet another threat to our privacy in the form of a cell phone tracking device commonly referred to in law enforcement circles ...
Rape and the myth of ‘the strong Black woman’
By Jazelle Hunt NNPA Washington Correspondent Editor’s Note: A woman gets raped every 2 minutes in the United States. According to the U.S. Justice Department, nearly one of every five Black ...
Most Americans believe BP should pay maximum oil spill fines
A new national survey found that 70 percent of Americans polled nationwide believe “BP should be fined the maximum amount allowed under the Clean Water Act” for its role in ...

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